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9 Reasons Why Network Marketers (and affiliate marketers) Should Have a Blog


Can Network Marketers (and Affiliate Marketers) Benefit From a Blog?

Do you need a blog?
Probably.  This blog post will set out the main advantages of having a blog.
Who is this post for?
This is for you if you can say yes to one of the following points:

  • You’re a network marketer who wants to embrace online methods to build your business
  • You’re an affiliate marketer who wants to leverage further the internet into more sales
  • You’re a  big ticket/top-tier marketer who wants more leads and more credibility

If you have a blog or are considering starting one, you should be clear on the reasons why a blog is a good option.
One thing is sure – unless blogging becomes a core marketing activity, your blog will not deliver the benefits you want.  Consequently, it will likely wither on the vine and die.
The key is to elevate the blog project in your thinking.  Rather than an add-on strategy – an afterthought – it needs to be front and center in your online marketing outreach program.
That’s why I wrote this post.  To expand your thinking of what is possible with a blog.  If you buy into the points I’m making here you can look forward to a positive future for your blog.
Read on……

9 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

1. Will Establish You As a Leader In Your Industry

Have you heard the term, Authority Positioning?  What is it?  Well, it’s about positioning you as an authority – even a thought leader – in your industry or niche.  And that’s where you want to be – one of the top dogs in your home business niche.  The top dog gets to lead from the front and always gets a change of view!
Are you there yet?
The point is that a well-executed blog strategy will help to establish you as one of the kingpins in the home business industry.  The way to do it is to articulate a compelling message that hits the spot with your ever widening audience.
Caution.  Do not spiel, and do not pitch your business opportunity.  Rather, lead with value.  So, create content around people’s pain points and how to make them feel better (give ’em relief!).  For instance: discouragement, fear of rejection, low self-belief and confidence, poor leadership skills, as well as a lack of leads and traffic.

2. The Search Engines Will Send It Some ‘Free’ Traffic

If you select topics that focus on low competition keywords, you will probably get some of your blog posts ranked in the search engines.  Imagine that – search engines, like Google, will send visitors for free.  And you can do it without spending money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

3. A Platform For Social Media Shares

In recent years, social media has become a big deal.  Therefore, it makes sense to promote each blog post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked In.  If the content is useful and relevant, some people will share it which can create a viral effect.

4. Generate More Leads

If you’re getting more traffic courtesy of the search engines, social media, and other platforms, you will get more leads when they visit your blog.  This is on the proviso that you have a correctly sorted website with opt-in forms prominently displayed.
If you’re getting the traffic but no leads you’ll probably need to make some changes.  Primarily you want to give people good reasons to make an inquiry and jump onto your subscriber list.
Changes could include the addition of a free offer (such as a free report) with a  call to action.  Display the offer on each page of your site, including your blog.  You can also include the offer with a call to action at the bottom of each blog post.  Scroll down this page and you will see an example of same.
Here is an example of an offer with opt-in box: - optin form mockup up
Of course, if you include a free offer as a kind of lead bait, you must use it to build your email list.  When someone joins your list, they should receive a regular series of emails about your products/services.  If you don’t yet have an autoresponder system such as AWeber, you can sign up here.
But your blog can be a powerful lead generation catalyst for your business in its own right. The reason is that if your blog includes lots of desire building content, it will encourage site visitors to take the next step and make an inquiry. Another lead for you.

5. Will Boost Your Sales Conversions

A blog can be a powerful way to increase conversions for this reason:
Social Proof.  People generally won’t do business unless they have confidence.  One way to instill confidence is to give them some social proof.  Social proof comes in many forms, the most obvious being testimonials (for you, your product or biz opp) and success stories (from people you have helped or even from other people who are successful).
Keep in mind that if you’re not yet successful just featuring the success stories of others is the way to go. If you attend industry or company events make sure you get your pic taken with the heroes and gurus, then add them to your blog sidebar – just as you see on this blog.
(This is a customer messaging topic, and I write more about it on my general business blog here)

6. Create a Sense of Community

If you do it right, you can create a vibrant community with your blog.  Create content that involves your audience. Then, send the links to your email subscribers who in turn will visit your blog.  Encourage them to leave a comment and share your post on their favorite social media sites.
The key to community building is to get people to come back to your blog multiple times.  When they do it, they will get to know some of the other regulars, and may even interact with them.  Keep in mind that relationship building takes time, and it may take six months or more before your blog takes on the appearance of a fledgling community.
Three months ago I implemented this strategy on my other blog, Persuasion Pursuit.  Take a look and see the engagement – good for a new blog, eh?  So successful has this strategy been that I am in the process of doing the same for this blog too.

7. Produce More Referrals

As you’ve seen in Point 6 a blog can help you get some serious engagement happening and build a sense of community.  But more than this.  When prospects see all of this happening their belief and enthusiasm for you will grow markedly.  Result?  More sizzling hot referrals for you.  People love doing business with people they perceive as winners.

8. Improve Your Communication Skills

The fact that you are creating content, some of which will be persuasive in nature, means your powers of persuasion will be enhanced.  So, use your blog as an opportunity to hone your persuasive skills and leverage them elsewhere. In short, your blog can be a potent force for marketing good.

9. Builds Your Personal Brand

You can build your brand without a blog.  But here is where the blog takes the brand building exercise to another level.  It will humanize your brand because it will include regular, original stories about you, your happy experiences, including your life outside of your business (travel posts work well!).  There’s a lot you can do here – so use your imagination to develop more ideas.
The main thing is to tell personalized, people-centric stories that convey real benefits to readers.  Try and avoid dry dissertations about product features etc.  Above all don’t get tempted to pitch your business opportunity (Exception: a single review type post about the business you are promoting, is fine.)

Your Turn – Time to Comment!

Do you already have a blog?  (If not, you’ll need a hosting account so you can have your own self-hosted WordPress blog.)
If yes, how has it helped you increase your credibility and authority?
Has your blog produced more leads and sales?
OR has it helped you convert more leads from other sources into sales and new members?
Are you getting engagement and social media shares for your blog posts?  (If not, check out my blog post on blog commenting on my new blog.)
Before you read the above post were you totally clear about all of the benefits a blog can provide?
Do you need help creating content and generating leads and traffic for your blog?  (3 Minute Expert is the best blog training program I’ve seen. Try it!)
Make a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Network Marketers (and affiliate marketers) Should Have a Blog”

  1. Hey Kim. As always a very thought provoking post. I am only a relatively new blogger but already I am seeing the development of my blogging community take place. What’s interesting is that some people on my email lists who never responded to anything much, have visited my posts, joined my community and are now far more engaged with me than ever before.
    So for me having a blog as my central business hub is giving me the chance to build more credibility, authority and trust with my subscribers in a way that I could never have achieved using only an email marketing approach.
    My blog is allowing me to express my thoughts on things that are important to my target audience (others like me who are interested in making money online) in a way that does not look, smell or sound like sales hype – but still has the objective of attracting my readers to my affiliate offers.
    It’s all a matter of positioning as you so rightly said Kim plus making sure you really give first with no strings attached – people absolutely respond to this type of approach because they’re sick to death of being pitched to everywhere they seem to go online.

    • Thanks, Peter,
      Yes, a great point – the blog as the central business hub. Such a powerful concept. Good things happen when we structure our marketing in this way. The blog can be a home for our audience. They feel safe there because they know that we have their best interests at heart. They know we always lead with value and are focused on solving problems, and taking people on a journey to a higher place.
      As I keep saying to marketers – don’t sell, educate instead. That’s the way we should be using our blogs.
      Thanks again, Peter


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