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Rats Jumping Ship – More Big Hitters Quit Polaris Media

Things is grim! Not with me, but with our friends over at Polaris Media Group.  Boy have they been through the ‘horrors’ lately.  First, Michael Hamburger split, then top earner Wendy Stevens took a walk.  Following them were a host of smaller players.  But when the CEO’s own Svengali jumps ship you gotta ask the … Read more

Polaris Media CEO and the Scientology Connection

Polaris Media CEO Shayne Krider is on the receiving end of wild rumors about his involvement with controversial sect, Scientology. Polaris Media used to be known as Liberty League, and recently re-engineered themselves into the entity that is Polaris.  But things are not exactly going smoothly at the moment.  Because of the massive disruption caused by the … Read more