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Dubli Australia – About to Launch (but nagging doubts remain)

Well, after plenty of false starts is launching in Australia in March. Based on the exploding situation down under, it appears they have hit momentum before the launch.
Time will tell how it all pans out. But one thing is for certain; some people are already making serious money down under (try $50k a month and more) from Dubli.
I wrote about Dubli last year. One article was a review of In that article I showed that in the period after the U.S. launch, Dubli was only completing a handful of auctions a day – 12.5 was the number. A worry when you consider that some small time home based eBay sellers do more than that! It does make you question the viability of the business model.
The other article highlighted some of the problems with Dubli in the US. In that article I put the spotlight on their unique visitor count.  This article – titled Is Dubli the Next Big Thing? – showed that from November 2008 (when they launched in the US) to August 2009, visitor count dropped from 75,000 a month to 45,000 a month.    I’ve checked Site Analytics again and it shows that as at January 20 2010, visitor count has dropped to 38,310 a month.
Now, in a country as big as the United States, and with a company that has been  hyped as much as Dubli has been, 38,000 visitors a month is absolutely pathetic.
Further, if you go to you will see that their site ranking in the US is 28,114.  By way of reference I know individual marketers such as David Wood and Jonathan Budd, who rank higher than Dubli (David Wood ranks at 8,359).
It does make you wonder whether Dubli is a great big hype machine without substance.  So why are people joining in droves?  Easy – pure old fashioned greed.

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