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Focus on the Important and Explode Your Home Based Business

Recently I went to see my son play in a tennis tournament.  He had a pulled muscle and lost (to a guy he had always beaten), but only just.  Not a worry.
As I was watching, I got to thinking.  There he was – just a notch below pro standard.  How did he get SO good?
Was it perseverance?    That’s part of the story.  Was it hard work?  That’s another part.   Was it talent?  Yep, that one too.
What else?
What about focus?  Over the last 9 years, I have lost track of the number of times Nathan had another plan.  Such as taking up soccer.  Or martial arts.  Or any old idea that came to mind.
I held firm.  I said ‘toe the line,boy!’  And he did.
And there he is – after 9 tough years – playing his heart out and looking like a genius.
So focus (and persistence) is vital. It’s critical.  But it is difficult.  Particularly, if you want to get your MLM business up and running.
It takes plenty of focus (and persistence).  And it is S-O easy to get the wobbles and go off track.  So many temptations – sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  This internet marketing thing IS addictive.  Spoilt for choice, really.
So you have to focus – like a laser beam.  You have to avoid all the distractions and temptations that will drop down in front of you.
Above all you have to focus on what is important to you.
Last week I read a great article by author Everett Bogue.  His article titled The Stunning Truth About Focusing on the Important’ showcases some important points.  Here are some quotes from his article.
“Being minimalist trumps all of the little stuff. Minimalists don’t have to figure out how to do more stuff quickly, because they have no interest in doing more stuff.”
“The average person has lots of things to do every day.  This leads to stress pain, anger and frustration, because they can’t possibly get it all done.  Then they go shopping to make themselves feel better.”
Kapow!  He hits the nail on the head doesn’t he?
You can read the full article here……
So what is important to you?  Have you got it figured yet?  Leave a comment – I’d love to know.

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