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Do You Have to be a Bastard to Succeed in Your Home Based Business?

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I had a big smile on my face the other day when I watched nice guy Jeff Bridges win the Academy Award for Best Actor.
I had a special reason to smile – and cheer.  You see, Jeff and me go way back!  True.  Yep, I met him in the eighty’s on the set of his hit movie, The Fabulous Baker Boys.  It was surreal.
Here we were (Sandra and I), staying at the historic (and soon to be demolished) Ambassador Hotel in LA.  We had been at the Ambassador before and when we heard it was going to be pulled down we booked in – for old time’s sake.  In its heyday
The Ambassador was magnificent.  A grand old dame that epitomised the Golden Years of Hollywood.  This was the hotel that had Clark  Gable, Marilyn Monroe and others, as regular guests.
It was also tinged with infamy – Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in the kitchen, in 1968.
So we checked in late one night and went to bed.  The next day we took a stroll thru the magnificent gardens, and noticed a hive of  activity.  There was a great big van and lots of people, scurrying around.
We ambled into the foyer and saw lots more people running around, laying cables everywhere.  We asked someone what was going on, and he said they were setting up for the filming of a new movie.
He was a gaffer and was super friendly.
We didn’t think much more about it – after all, this IS Hollywood!  It’s to be expected.
The next day the actors arrived so we walked into the lobby area, and part of it was closed off.  Fortunately the guy we met yesterday remembered us and asked if we would like to meet one of the stars.
We said YES – of course!
So he found Jeff’s brother Beau.  He was great and then Beau said hey I’ll find Jeff for you.  And he did and we got autographs from both of them!
Interestingly, when they were setting up for a particular scene I was standing next to an attractive blond woman.  I thought she was probably just another star struck hotel guest who – like us – wanted to have a bit of a gawk.
After they broke for lunch I spoke to our gaffer friend and asked if that lady standing next to me was an actor or just a hotel guest.  He said ‘man you were standing next to Michelle Pfeiffer!’  Wow.
As I said it was all a bit surreal.
But the point of the story is this.  Jeff Bridges is known as being one of the nice guys of Hollywood.  And after our brief encounter, I can only concur.  Yet here he is, winning his first Academy Award.
So nice guys and gals CAN win big time.
So often we hear that you’ve got to be a bastard to make it in business, and nice guys (and gals) finish last.  And I’ve seen these tough guys.  I’ve been hurt by them.  (Two years ago I got ‘taken’ by a couple of business thugs, for more than $300,000.)
I know that predators are out there.  But I also know you don’t have to behave like that, to make it in your home business.
So yes, even in the cut throat world of business, nice guys and gals can finish first.  I’m here to tell you that if you have belief, passion, and a dream; you can have everything you want out of life – and more.
That’s all I wanted to say.

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