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David Wood Joins Numis Network

iLearning Global Door Shuts – Another One Opens.  Hello Numis Network

Yesterday ace marketer David Wood heard the news that his primary program – iLearning Global – was closing down its network marketing business.  What a bombshell.

Here’s is a guy who was raving about the virtues of joining ILG, only to have the rug pulled from under him – and his team.  Kapow!    That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

I reckon iLearningGlobal was a dumb idea and wrote about it yesterday.  Let’s hope David and the gang prove to have better judgment with the Numis Network.  It is touted as the next big thing.  But isn’t that what they said about ILG?

It is SO HARD picking the right one.  I think I’ll just just join Amway!

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