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Fair and Balanced Review – Brian Fanale

A Genuine Review of Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale
Brian Fanale

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Brian Fanale is one of the co-founders of MLM Lead System Pro which reached the $2 million per year income mark within its first 6 months of operation.  MLM  Lead System Pro is a lead funnel system and training portal.  Top practitioners using the system have reported generating more than 30 leads a day without any cold calling, lead purchasing or talking to family and friends.

Until four years ago, Brian Fanale was a college graduate earning a living as a bartender and a musician.  And just like many people all over the world, he had always dreamed of having a better, more prosperous life for himself.  Although he completed a pre-med course in college, he opted not to pursue this after being discouraged by other doctors who complained about how their career had robbed them of invaluable time with their families.

Rise to Success

Fanale discovered and got involved in MLM marketing after he had chanced upon this while scouring the Internet  in 2005.  For the first three years, he experienced the same frustrations that 97% of the people who entered the MLM industry faced, especially when it came to generating leads.  Undeterred, Fanale was determined to find out the secret that would eventually provide him the opportunity to experience true financial freedom.

After years of frustration and sinking further in debt by following the traditional methods used in MLM, Fanale stumbled upon the guiding principles of Attraction Marketing and began implementing them in his MLM activities.  Within three short months of utilizing these principles, Fanale was able to break sales records and became one of the top 5 income earners in Wealth Masters International.

Brian Fanale’s Secret

Much of Fanale’s success lies in his use of an attraction marketing system called Magnetic Sponsoring which was popularized by Mike Dillard.  In a nutshell, this system will show you how you can generate leads by simply positioning yourself as an expert (or if not an expert, someone worth talking to).

On top of this, Fanale has also developed his own set of tips, tricks and suggestions based on these principles.  He now offers all of these through a DVD product entitled Conquer the Internet with an introductory price of $29.99, which is a great bargain price.

Scam or the Real Deal?

People can become skeptical about Brian Fanale’s success.  But make no mistake about it.  He is the real deal!  He’s a clever young guy who has made plenty of money as an online marketer.

The only point I would like to make is that he sometimes gets a bit over enthusiastic.  Once I heard him say ‘traditional mlm is dead’.  Well, of course this is arrant nonsense, as massive amounts of revenue still flow from traditional methods.  But online methods continue to grow in polularity, and that’s where Brian’s strategies come into their own.

The Final Verdict

Needless to say, Brian Fanale is one impressive marketing wizard.  His desire and passion to succeed has transformed him from being a nobody into one of the most successful and well-respected MLM gurus in the world today.

Whilst some  of his techniques are very aggressive (and have got him into trouble with You Tube for example), there is no doubt that he is a very sharp marketer.

Whilst you may never be mentored by Brian Fanale personally, you can now access Brian’s  strategies via the MLM Lead System Pro program, and the Conquer the Internet DVD.

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