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Simple Pleasures and My Home Based Business

I’ve been working exclusively from home now for 4 years.  And in my opinion one of the key benefits of running a home based business is to do with freedom.  There is no boss to report to, and nor is there a time clock to punch. You, and you alone, decide when to work and when to take it easy.
Some people who have the job slave mentality find it really hard when presented with all this freedom. They are so used to being told what to do, they just can’t cope with all the extra freedom. These poor souls need structure, and for them a home based business means they have to create their own structure – or fail. On the other hand if you crave freedom and control, then a home based business could be perfect for you.
I love working from home and fortunately have the discipline to ensure that success is simply a formality.  Then I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. And time control is one of the big pluses as a result of working from home.  I love the control. I love the fact I do not have a boss to report to. If i want to take a day off, just for the hell of it – I will do so.
So that’s what I did on Friday. I got up on Friday morning and drove to Noosa for the day. Noosa is an idyllic up market resorts town, about 90 minutes from where I live.
I had a good reason to go on Friday – to see my son play tennis in a tournament. I capture some highlights of my day on video, so check it out (apologies for poor video quality on some of the footage). By the way if you do not like watching tennis you may not like this vid (3 minutes of tennis footage is included)!

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  1. So true, I love working at home for the same reasons. Not only just at home, but when your business is driven from your laptop, you work just about anywhere you like. We have homes in Wisconsin,USA and in a small town on the Mexican Coast just a few miles from Puerto Vallarta. When its freezing in Wisconsin, I slip my “Office” into my backpack and head for Mexico. When it’s to Hot In Mexico, I just reverse the process. But as you said, you are your own boss, and that means you must know when it is time to work and when it is time to play, and not mix the two., thanks for the post, it is very true, and interesting.


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