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Follow Up On Law of Gratitude

On July 24 I wrote and article titled ‘The Law of Gratitude Rocks’. Then, on the weekend I wrote an email about this article and sent it to my email list.  Here is an extract from that email:
“It’s the weekend and my thoughts turn to family, and life in general.  I’ve had a tough time recently with my wife being very sick.  And sometimes it really gets me down, like yesterday.
I’m not ashamed to say I shed some tears.  But then I started to think about the article I recently wrote about gratitude.
And I thought about the very notion of gratitude.  I can tell you I am grateful for lots of things.  I’ve got 2 great boys, a Mum who loves me, and a business I love doing.  (I am truly grateful to Tania who introduced me to this online world 4 years ago – and I tell her often.)
When I think about what I am grateful for, it doesn’t take long before a smile appears and I’m over the blues once again.
So, what are you grateful for?  And do you understand the benefits that will flow to you, if you show gratitude often?
After you read the article drop me a line and tell me 3 things you’re grateful for.  I would love to know.”
Well, it’s only Monday, and I have been flooded with responses.  Here are some of them:
“I am grateful for the knowledge and understanding of life experiences that teach us humility and gratitude.  Most of all I am grateful for learning and having compassion for other people’s experiences. Hope all goes well for you and your family.   Regards  Coralie”
“What am I grateful for? I have a grateful journal I write in daily.  When I look out my window, I see mountains, trees, butterflies, flowers…… and so much more that I am always reminded who is the creator of all beauty that surrounds us.
I have been told that we are to be grateful for the hard times in our lives as well, which teach us lessons in life and to be stronger and to test our faith and trust.  I shall include your wife in my prayers.  Thank you for sharing Kim, GOD Bless.  DeeAnn.”
“I am very grateful that the one thing that came out of an unsatisfactory marriage, 34 years ago, is a loving daughter. Although she’s 44 now she’s engaged in a new career via a diploma she’s working towards, which I am helping her with.  Quentin”
“Things I’m grateful for in for order of importance: 1. Sunshine and trees and air.  2. My Daughters, more precious than gold.  3. Opportunities to grow and create.  Thanks for sharing and asking.  Sonia.”
“I’m grateful for my two daughters, my granddaughter and my ex husband….to mention but a few.   And I’m grateful that I met you too 🙂   Mari.”
“I really love this article!  It’s so true, and gratitude definitely contributes to one’s wellbeing  (in mind and body), and fulfilment.  When the chips are down we really do have to count our blessings…….and it all helps!
My areas of gratitude are similar to yours, and I think that’s because they are fundamentals of most people’s lives.
I am very grateful that I have the most wonderful parents, who have supported me in many ways over the years, and put up with my “black sheep” status, that was apparent when I was younger.
I am also grateful for my son, Kristofer – who and is quite bright and sporty with numerous talents (though studying for the HSC doesn’t seem to be one of them!). It is his skiing ability that lead to him gaining race training sponsorship in Canada 6 years ago, – and that trip over there with him was the catalyst for me to get my head out from the sand – look around, and enjoy lots of opportunities again, after just “head down bums up” running a business and bringing up a family.
I am also very grateful for my wonderful group of friends, and the great people I have met over our years here in the ski industry. They say women’s therapy is champagne with the girls!  And I’m lucky that I’m healthy now too…… I can enjoy the champagne!!”
“I’m grateful for health although if I list all of my ailments I’d be hard pressed to make a case for my being considered as healthy. But I’m grateful for the skill of the medical researchers and my doctors who can treat whatever is wrong with me so that based on all the empirical measures, I stack up well against men 10 years my junior.
I’m grateful for my mind which has enabled me to get a fantastic education which has enabled me to earn a good living and allows me to continue to be in demand as a consultant well into “retirement”. This has allowed me to travel not just as a tourist but as someone who has something to contribute to the places I’m visiting.
I’m grateful for my family: My wife, whom I love very much but who has had a cruel major tragedy in her life with the death of her only daughter. I am grateful that I am able to help her with her grief, although not nearly as much as she needs. I have two sons by my first marriage with both of whom I enjoy good relationships – more like mates than father-son. And my grand daughter who is something special and who thinks I’m special too. Gary.”
Great aren’t they?  And sorry if I missed your gratitude points.  I should also add, that there are some very good comments on the blog article itself too.  Check ‘m out.
By the way, please make a comment – see below!

5 thoughts on “Follow Up On Law of Gratitude”

  1. I love the article, Kim. For me, gratitude is an ongoing, continuous thing. So, it is difficult for me to name just three.
    However, if I am forced, with a gun to my head, to name the three most important ones, they would be (1) my loving family, (2) my perfect health, and (3) the uncanny way everything I set my heart to comes true.
    Have a great day, Kim.

  2. Gratitude = means great attitude or another words what happens comes from within your self if we move forward with a great attitude we will find gratitude wherever we go.

  3. Hi Kim
    I am posting my comment at 3:05 am and I am thinking and deeply lost about this word. Life is very short, well yaa that’s very true. So why not to live the way it should be. I have more to write but I will stop here, gratitude for me in three words will be (1) my loving and very supporting faimly(2) cricket( the game I love)(3)being a good human being.


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