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Great Content Ideas To Make Your Blog Sizzle

Stumped for ideas for your blog?  Welcome to the club!  We all have problems with content creation from time to time.
But you gotta press on and create good content that people will love.  Fact is that your blog is an essential tool.  Promote your blog using the big four – Google, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter – in a strategic, seamless way, and your traffic will explode.
By the way, the foregoing assumes that you have already installed your blog.  Forget the others, such as Blogger and  A waste of space.  For  more info on this topic check out my article on Blogging For Beginners.
So, how to create article ideas?  Well, start with your products and business.  Use a free keyword tool such as Google’s Keyword Tool, and type away.  Look for niches without too much competition.  When you have half a dozen keywords, create some articles around those keywords.  Make sure you place the keyword in the headline and in the body copy.
Here are some other ideas:

  • Ask Others For Ideas. Good place to start is to ask people on your list for article ideas.
  • Get Articles Ideas From Other Writers. Look at other blogs in your niche.
  • Check Your Email Inbox. Look what other marketers are writing about.
  • Check You Tube. And other video forums.  Type in your fav keywords and see what comes up.
  • Google Search. Type in your keywords and once again see what comes up.
  • Be Opinionated. Don’t be a wimp – stand out.  This one has nothing to do with content, but once you have the content, write in an aggressive style.
  • Stick To What You Know. You will be able to come up with more ideas and write with more authority and conviction when you ‘stick to your knitting’.

The main thing is to do your research and get your creative juices going.  Everything will flow from there.

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