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Is Online Really the Right Way to Go (or is it just a bunch of crap)?

I read an interesting post on David Wood’s blog a while ago and have been following the comments ever since. The theme of his post is that online methods for network marketers are overrated, and that network marketers should not neglect the traditional, proven offline methods.
Although David Wood’s style can be irritating in the extreme, his content is often valuable, no less so than for the topic featured on his blog post.
To get you thinking, here is one of the comments that a reader of David’s post said:
“This is a great post I think people wish they could ditch the old school methods because it is uncomfortable but it does work and has worked. I think you’re right that we shouldn’t work on being a online guru until we have at least done it offline. I think old MLM tactics are still alive but you can use them online. I do my business over the phone still and connect with people who came across my advertisements online. Unlike what the online gurus say I do pitch my business upfront and it has worked, but I do it in a way where they contact me for information. It’s just finding something that works for you. There are lots of great training out there for using old school mlm tactics. I personally like using sizzle cards they work great!”
Well said.
I’ve been using the internet to generate leads for my primary program since 2006.  Whilst I’ve made plenty of money from my own sign ups, one thing that has concerned me in recent times is the lack of duplication.  It is appalling.
The key to network marketing success is to get a new team member off to a fast start. The way to do that is to have a simple system that the average person can use.  The more complication there is, the slower the take off, and the worse the duplication factor, as disillusioned recruits quit. So if simplicity is the key, how do online methods fit into the picture?  In a nutshell, most of them don’t.
Forget blogging, forget SEO, forget forums – to name a few methods.  Too complicated and way too slow.
For a new person, about the only online method they should use initially is social media via platforms such as Facebook.  And even then it would be secondary to the tried and true ‘make a list’ method.  ‘Yuk’ say you! Well I did say ‘simple is best’.  Making a list and contacting the list is simple.  Not comfortable perhaps, but it is simple – and it does work.
Another point is that although YOU may love all this internet stuff, there are heaps of people who hate it, and feel uncomfortable with it.  So how you gonna duplicate if half your leads just cant handle the complication that comes with online?  You’re not, full stop.  The problem is that a lot of people who go down this path are only thinking of themselves and THEIR personal preferences.
But this is typical linear thinking, which is common to typical unleveraged small business owners and employees.  It’s always about them, not the other guy. Michael Gerber of E Myth fame talks about the technician impulse.  Most people are technicians by occupation, and by inclination.
Unfortunately some of them start a business and take this same unleveraged thinking to their new home biz venture.  It’s always about them and how well THEY can do the job.  Never mind the people they will need to help grow their businesses.
Network marketing style businesses (or my business which is a direct sales business with a network marketing aspect) will not work if we let our inner technician loose!  Instead we have to find the inner entrepreneur.  What’s that about?  It’s about duplication pure and simple. So we have to think not about us and our need, but about the people who are going to join our team.  We have to think about how we’re gonna get them off to  a fast start.
Which brings me back to the point of this post.  Most online methods  don’t duplicate, and are the worst strategies for getting people off to a fast start.  Pure and simple.

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  1. Hi Kim
    Personal blog website is pending.
    As is upgrading of personal R360 website.
    First visit to your site – impressive.
    I have much to do to come anywhere near this.
    Which service do you use for this blog?
    I think there is a hint down below.
    Now out of accountancy and pnumonia,
    currently setting up the social networking bones full generation 2.0.
    Have major interest project of international interest –
    a small Twitter teaser came through FB this last evening.
    As soon as the setting up is completed this week
    and re-education re R360 is reasonably advanced,
    I will be away. Slow going due to complications from change of name,
    formation of company, etc. Plus Skype problems including loss of three payments to the totalling E50. Written off as loss due to trying to follow up i s too high.
    In advance of the systems working I will be active in warm soft angler fishing by telephone, and, by weekend paper small adverts, into my masked websites for R360, MLSP and Lifepath – only one of those in each small advert. Will use a teaser question or quote in each ad. that is relevant to the site the enquiry will go to – after passing a data collecting landing page, of course.
    Will be in touch , Alan Northcote Acres


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