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Oh No! My Son Joins the NFL Club (aka Amway)

amway_australiaAmway Australia Still Kicking Goals

Well, I guess it was only  a matter of time.
My youngest son was recently approached by an Amway rep, and he succumbed to their seductive charms.  He is now a paid up member of the NFL Club (no friends left club)!
He went to his first big meeting last night, and you got it – he came home pumped.  It won’t be long before he becomes 100% Amway-ised, and hustling anything that moves!
I went with him and his brother last week to an in-home meeting, and got an insider’s look at how they operate.  Fascinating.  Mind you I already knew a bit about them.  Twenty years earlier (or was it thirty?) , I had been in the same position as him.  That Amway thing got under my skin and before I knew it, I was an Amway disciple!
Did I Make Money From Amway? Of course not.  But it added to my repertoire of marketing skills, and life experiences.  So value came from the experience.  Frankly, if I had persevered with it, maybe the course of my life would have been totally different – and better.
Is Amway a Good Business to Join? Well, unlike most of the so called internet based ‘attraction marketers’, who like to denigrate this ‘old fashioned’ style of marketing, I think Amway is a good thing.  Join it for no other reason than for the learning experience.  Their training is very powerful and even if you don’t make a cent, you will be richer for the experience.
Does Anyone Make Money From Amway? Of course.  Lots.  The other night, my son heard an Australian big hitter – he apparently makes $400k+ a month.  And no, he didn’t get in at the beginning (which is another myth perpetrated by the ill informed, or those with an agenda)
Will My Son Make Money From Amway? That’s not for me to say.  It’s up to him.
So what has the foregoing got to do with brand building and online marketing?  Not a thing.  But it’s good to look at what others are doing to make a buck.
Finally, I am not an Amway distributor, but the company continues to confound and impress.
Share your Amway experiences here.  Go on, I dare you…………..

7 thoughts on “Oh No! My Son Joins the NFL Club (aka Amway)”

  1. Hey Kim,
    Amway is good organization. It depends upon oneself how much he believes in the organizations he represents. As you said if people are making money from amway then it must be for real. Basically I know many network marketers who frequently change companies looking for answer but the real answer lies within themselves.

  2. I joined Amway in Los Angeles in 1986, the group I joined was called IED, International Executive Development. (They later changed their name to something similar because one of the diamonds did something terrible, I don’t remember what..)
    I didn’t actually walk the streets, but being a fairly new resident of LA and having no friends to lose I walked the department stores instead. After all there were all these lonely-looking young menswear guys just waiting to be sidled up to and asked “have you ever thought of doing your own home business?”.
    Went to conventions and lots of home meetings, signed up a couple of men, chased around lots of others, never did any good, finally left early in 1988.
    Joined again after getting back to Aussie, in 1992, group named ADI, Australian Dreambuilders International; found various people to talk to, had meetings, went to many conventions etc, bothered dozens of people, again pretty useless.. Left about 1996 and in 1997 joined again, this time Network21, again set up meetings and had better help this time with a ‘direct distributor’ helping me but never signed anybody worth while. Again gave it up..
    Joined a final time early in 2002 and did meetings and took along my upline lady and actually signed up one or two; but again totally useless. The lady though is still a good friend and made enough out of Amway to more-or-less retire: She’s not wealthy but she’s doing OK I understand; some certainly do make money.
    Got get very enthused about a new slimming program that Amway introduced that I thought was very good; indeed I took it myself, twice, and lost 12kgs in 10 weeks!
    That nearly killed me I reckon, ended up on a pallet in the RPA Hospital having a stent inserted in my right coronary artery in February 2004. I reckon that as my body grew so suddenly slim it was ‘feeding off itself’ re-absorbing all the cholesterol that had got stored over the past 20 years, and ended up blocking that artery!
    I finally threw in the Amway towel later in 2002 – for ever. Did I give it a try? What’s that you say “not hardly”? I’d like to know ANYBODY that tried as hard and long as I did. Bloody fool.
    But I have learned something: there really is no point joining anything at all unless you know two things.
    1) How to easily find prospects who you can actually interest in the business without beating them over the head: If it’s tough you’re doing it wrong. It’s got to seem easy to your prospect or he’ll never be successful even if he joins.
    2) Even more important: You must be absolutely confident that you can teach them HOW TO MAKE MONEY and that means that you need to know it thoroughly yourself.
    If you can’t do this, give it away. Go and grow potatoes, or retire on the state pension to Goa (costs almost nothing to live there.)
    3) Don’t trust me! Talk to your upline!

  3. I have been a card carrying Amway distributor for more than 20 years now… Have I made a ton of money? No… Is it because the system doesn’t work? Absolutely not! There are at least four main elements to success with any network marketing business. #1 There must be a PLAN in place that is duplicatable. Is Amway’s? Most certainly… #2 There must be a sense of PURPOSE in your own mind. #3 There must be a reliable, and needed, product. (Amway has many to choose from). But it’s #4 that really determines the success of the venture… PASSION. Your passion for what you do is what ignites passion in others to want more, to do more, to be more than they’ve ever been in the past. Failure of anyone’s Amway business is never the fault of the product, or the plan, but can always be traced to either your purpose, or your own lack of passion… Plug in any good product with a duplicatable plan, add your worthwhile purpose and then heat it up with your burning passion for success, and you will … succeed.


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