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How to Generate Leads For Your Home Business – Part 1

Ok, I’ve been doing this internet marketing caper since 2006.  I’ve done well, no doubt.
My main specialty is marketing big ticket products.  Why do I focus on that?  Simple.  Its where the money is.
I’ve also dabbled in affiliate marketing (marketing little products that pay peanuts!), but frankly to make it work you need a lot of patience and a fair amount of technical know how (if you’re using SEO strategies for instance).
So for me, marketing big ticket products is where the action is.  When I started I marketed top end info products, but in October 2009 I decided to market a travel product (a luxury travel membership program).  It made sense to me – people love travel and they love discounts – a winner.
Enough if that, let’s get to the purpose of this series…………..
The number one question I get from people who are looking to join my primary program is simple: How do you find people?  In other words what are the best ways to stimulate interest and generate leads or enquiries?
This was the very question I had asked back in 2006.  I knew that being effective at generating leads was critical to success.  I also knew that it is was much more preferable to have people approach me (in most instances).  I call this Pull Marketing (as opposed to old style Push Marketing), and for me it is the best way to do business.
This video series is comprised of four parts, which covers the 4 stages in my development as a home business product marketer.  This video looks at the strategies I used in my first 6 months or so.  Future videos will look at what I am doing now, and what I plan to do in the future.  Look out for them.
By the way, I recorded these videos under difficult circumstances – it was a very hot day, and the air con was malfunctioning.  After reviewing the vids I was shocked to see the sweat on my face glistening like a newly basted Thanksgiving turkey!   Anyway, enjoy……………..

4 thoughts on “How to Generate Leads For Your Home Business – Part 1”

  1. Hey Kim,
    I agree with you Kim that internet strategies do take time and patience. An Internet marketer can easily go into the information overload. Beliefs are a pathway to success and with empowering beliefs we are giving our brains direct signals what we are all about and what we can that is very powerful. Best to you for your future campaign


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