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Son Nathan Off to a Flying Start In Amway

A few weeks ago I wrote about my tennis playing son, Nathan, who joined Amway Australia.
The first week or two he was getting organised, so really only got going just 2 weeks ago.  Guess what?  He has signed up FOUR people!  In fact he goes to a weekend conference on Saturday morning, and on Saturday night he gets a ‘fast start’ award.
And they say Amway doesn’t work anymore!
Me?  I’m using the products and enjoy seeing my son enjoying his Amway experience.  And as stated in my last post, I ain’t joining Amway.  But one thing he said the other day startled me – the average age of people in Amway is now only 26!  To me that is extraordinary.  It tells me that the company continues to re-invent itself so it stays relevant for younger generations.
Someone asked me how he was doing the business.  Was he using the internet?  No.  Was he running ads?  No.   Forget all that stuff.  Here is how he did it:
1. He wrote his list of contacts.
2. He phoned the people on the list
That is the only way to get off to a fast start.  Not sexy, not techie, not glamorous.  But it does work.

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