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Getting Your Priorities Right – The Place For Attraction Marketing

I love online marketing.  It’s my fav activity – particularly anything to do with Attraction Marketing.  I use the MLSP system).   Attraction marketing isn’t just about the internet.  People have been using it for ages in the offline world.
You can practice Attraction Marketing (online AND offline) at a local level.  You can also use it nationally and internationally.
Done correctly it will attract people to you, like bees to  a honey pot.  This morning I checked my inbox and see there are some more leads generated from my attraction marketing system.  These are ‘free’ leads – no advertising used.   Sweet.
Another example: last week I had a really nice guy in Malaysia sign up for my primary income program, and a great couple in NZ did the same thing.  It was attraction marketing that did the job.
Here is the downside of attraction marketing.  It takes time and effort to get it working.  Plan on 6-12 months, minimum.  That is why you must have other business getting strategies in place whilst you build your attraction marketing presence.
Most people don’t have the time, patience, persistence and aptitude to become truly effective at attraction marketing.  That’s ok – you don’t HAVE to do it.  Plenty of other ways to build the business, but for the right person, attraction marketing is a very sweet way to grow your business.

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