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How to Use Pain to Kick Butt

I may not know much but I do know this:
Success goes to those who want it the most.
It’s a law of nature.  The people who have the fire in the belly, the get up and go, and the big why are the ones who get things done.
I was talking to this nice lady today.  She seemed to be a goer.  A person who doesn’t want to wait around for things to happen.  Although she is in her forties, she has big goals and dreams.  Apart from holding down a full time job, she is an athlete, and a student.
And yes she wants to do a lot more.  Like travel.  Bring it on I say.
One thing she does not want, is to waste the rest of her life in a dead end job with no future.  And here is my advice to her and all the other ‘goers’ reading this…….
Take the B option!  Having a business from home gives you the freedom to do your thing.  Wanna design the rest of your life?  Do it.
Stop messing about.  If you’re in a rut, do something about it.  If you’re in a negative funk, snap out of it.
Maybe you’re not feeling enough pain yet.
When the China boom ends, many countries will be in  a mess – if not already.  Why not protect yourself NOW, before it’s too late?  Feel the pain.  Then you’ll be pro-active.
Most people are re-active.  If they’re not feeling pain, they vegetate.  Circumstances dictate their every move.  No pain, no worries.
They rationalise (‘ration their lies’), they procrastinate, they obfuscate.  In short, they buy their own BS.
It was easy for me.  I was already in PAIN – my business had gone bust.  I didn’t have an income, so I didn’t have to manufacture the pain.  It was real – I felt it EVERY day.
That’s why I say ‘maybe you don’t feel enough pain yet’.  I say that because I know that most people don’t move forward unless they feel some discomfort first.
All I’m sayin’ is this: if you don’t feel a sense of urgency to move forward, create one.  Use pain and discomfort as your own personal leverage point. Use it to create positive outcomes for you.
How do you use discomfort to motivate yourself to move forward and get better results?  Let me know.
Then talk to me.

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