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Speed's the Thing (for your home business)

Getting your home based business off to a fast start should be your number 1 priority.
When I started in this arena in 2006, I was acutely aware of how important it was to set a cracking pace.
Problem is that most people don’t have the sense of urgency I did.  Maybe they just don’t understand why it is so important, or maybe they’re naturally slow!
My goal was simple  – I wanted to hit the 6 figure income level within 60 days.   I needed to do that so I  could put food on the table. (It transpired that I reached that level in little more than 3 weeks.)    But there were others reasons.  Try these for size:

  • It sets a good example – so others can follow
  • It makes you feel good – it will keep you excited
  • It will help you attract others – like bees to  a honey pot

The Story is the Thing
You need a good story to attract others.  In fact, recently I wrote about  The Narrative.  Having a great story will make it much easier to attract others.  People love to be associated with winners, and avoid like the plague people they perceive as being losers.  Harsh but true.
If you develop a great story, you can then leverage it to attract lots more people.  You can ‘dine’ off one good story for ages.  I hear people talk about the Law of Attraction ad nauseam.  Talking is one thing but results are way better.   Developing a hot story based on your quick result is Law of Attraction writ large.

What If You’ve Don’t Have a Quick Story?

So you’ve been doing your business for a while and your results are mediocre – you don’t have a hot story.  So what to do?  Here is what you do.  Do a re-launch.  Re-launch your business and tell people what you’ve done.  Install strategies that will get you a quick result second time around.  Plan it it so you have hot prospects lined up before the relaunch.  Then develop your narrative around that.  Say something like this to people:
‘John, up till now I’ve been playing with this business.  But I’ve recently decided to really commit to it, so am relaunching.  One of the reasons I have decided to lift my commitment is that (insert a hot third party story here, or perhaps your company has just launched a new product.  Whatever, make it sound exciting.)’
Give it a go…………
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