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Larry Beacham Quits MLM!

King of Spin Larry Beacham Does it Again!

Larry Beacham put together a smart email and video email campaign revolving around his claim that he is quitting the mlm industry.
He then exhorted us to attend his call to hear why he was quitting, and to learn about his plan for the future.  So with baited breath I dialed in yesterday to learn the news.
What breakthroughs had he discovered?  What earth shattering reasons was he to give about his exit from the industry?
Well, after he set the scene for what was to follow, Larry gave us the HOT news.  He was leaving the industry – but not for a while.  In fact he was planning to hang around for the next 36 months so he could reach his goals, and help at least 10 other people reach their goals.
In essence Larry’s talk was a promotion for the following:

  1. Free Cash Machine. Make money by signing up at various offer sites, and referring others to do the same.
  2. IM Tools Suite. This is a really good ‘all in one’ marketing system.  I use it myself (and yes I bought it thru Larry)
  3. Private Coaching. Larry is offering a personal coaching service for committed individuals.  His top program  is $5,000 for 6 months.  He has lower cost variants for as little as $1,000 for 2 months, but he was really pushing the top program, as you can imagine.

As Larry had more than 300 people on the call I have no doubt he will have plenty of people stepping forward and signing up for at least one of the above coaching packages.  If he just had 10 people sign up for his $5,000 coaching program, he locks in a handy $50,000 income for June.   Nice, and well deserved too, I might add
Apart from the coaching sales, he’ll sign up plenty for the other programs such as IM Tool Suite.  In fact, apparently some 44 people signed up for IM Tool Suite after the call had ended.
Smart marketer is Larry Beacham.  Some may say he’s too smart for comfort – using a ruse to entice people to his ‘big announcement’ call.
That said I got value from the call.  Some of the points he made resonated with me.
According to Larry, to succeed you need (amongst other things) 3 elements in place:
1. Right Leader
2. Right System
3. Right Program
Most people evaluate a program (including the product) and make their decision on that.  But according to Larry, finding the right leader is Number 1.  And he is SO right.
We all need a leader.  We need a leader we respect and then we must follow him or her in a focused way.  He told the story about his leader/mentor, Cedric Harris.  Larry does whatever Cedric tells him to do.  Great leader, great student.  Essential ingredients.
One of the reasons that so many people fail is simply because they do not lock into one person, one leader.  They do not know the meaning of commitment, loyalty, and dare I say it, obedience.   Before you can become a good leader, you must first be a good follower.  But sometimes, particularly for men, the ego gets in the way of doing what has to be done to propel us to higher ground.
My experience with team building suggests that most people (like 90 per cent) are so ill disciplined that failure is guaranteed.   Linked with that point is the simple observation that unless you follow a leader – and do what that leader tells you to do – your chances of success are very low.
So, Larry Beacham, thanks for bringing this great point to our attention.  Worth its weight in gold.

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