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It's cold outside….but oh so warm inside

I could not believe yesterday.
My city, Brisbane, copped the coldest day since 1916!  The temp didn’t pass 13 degrees (55.4 Fahrenheit) all day.  (Keep in mind that Brisbane is a sub tropical Australian city.)
I didn’t leave the house.
Then I got a call from  a sales rep.  He was driving around, making his calls, visiting his clients.
Then I got to thinking about him and millions of others who head off to work each day.
Rain, hail or shine they gotta feed the man.
Sure they whinge and whine about it.  But because they don’t feel the pain bad enough, they put up with it.
Bit like the frog in the pot of warm water on the stove.  Nice and cosy to start, but as the water gets hotter and hotter, the poor frog dies.  The frog doesn’t hop out of the pot – that’s a fact.
Funny what people will put up with, eh?

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