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David Wood Spills the Beans

david wood mlm numis network repDavid Wood Says Numis Network Not Expanding Overseas – Yet

Had a good chat with marketing boy wonder David Wood the other day.
Well, when I say ‘day’, it was actually evening – 3am David’s time. That guy is a serious night owl.
Anyway, David was in a ‘chatty’ frame of mind.  Here are some of the thoughts he shared with me:

  • Numis to Stay Focused on US Market. Numis Network (David’s primary program) will not be opening in countries like Australia for the time being.  They are still establishing themselves in the US, and want to focus on their home market first.  Understandable.
  • Avoid Negative Articles. David warned about writing negative articles and especially using the ‘scam’ word.  He recalled his own experience when he got into trouble with Andrew Cass from Carbon Copy Pro (CCP), when he included the dreaded ‘scam’ word in the headline. (His article was very positive, but the guy didn’t want his name to be associated with the ugly ‘S’ word.)  David has helped me rethink my article writing strategy, and I’ll now move to a more positive way of writing mlm news and reviews.    Thanks Dave!
  • Mashable Strategy. David also suggested that possibly one way to build influence, leads, and income is to become a major player at the authority site Mashable.  That’s a strategy that needs fleshing out – and will let you know when I do.

Thanks David
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