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Facebook Passes Google – Finally

facebook beats googleYep, the big G has been given the finger by the big F.  Facebook overtook Google in global traffic last month.  With more than 600 million members is it any wonder?
So what does it mean to people like you and me?  All we  want is to make money in the easiest way possible, right?
Well I guess it means that there’ll be more opportunities to prosper from Facebook, sort of.
Not that a big number like this one means much to home business marketers.  All we want is to connect with real people who value what we have, and have a problem that only we can solve.  But having more people join Facebook groups for instance, should mean we get more EXPOSURE.
Nevertheless, exposure is only beneficial if we use the opportunity for exposure to STIMULATE interest, and then CONNECT with people one on one.  At the end of the day we’re in the business of building relationships and solving problems – one person at a time.
That will never change.
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