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First Page of Google? Simple, Easy Way to Get Ranked

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I actively employ search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and get good results all the time.  A lot is written about back linking strategies – the more quality back links you have the better.  Aggressive back linking strategies are often promoted by seo gurus.  Strategies such as article marketing, blog commenting, social media, social networking, buying high PR backlinks, and so on.
But there have been many instances when I didn’t have to bother about any of the above.  All I need is to get the basics right, and my web page will rank all by itself – and quickly.
To me it all comes down to one main factor – your keywords.  Select the right keyword and the rest is easy.
You want low competition keywords.  Use the Google keyword tool to help you track down keywords that will be easy to rank for.
A case in point.  Yesterday I got a call from a guy who has been looking for a way to generate income from home, and preferably online.
First thing I asked him was ‘how did you find me?’  He said he was doing a Google search on an Australian high profile marketing guru, Mal Emery, and somehow ‘found’ my site.  How did this happen?  Simple really – last month I wrote a review style article on Mal Emery.  My keyword was ‘mal emery review’.  It didn’t take long for my article to rank on the first page of Google, and now I have another page to add to my list of high ranking pages.  Yipee!
And guess what?  This article has never been submitted to article directories.  And I  didn’t employ any of the other SEO tricks either (apart from obvious ‘on page’ techniques such as featuring the keyword in the headline etc).  See how much easier it is, when you get the keyword right?
Here is another bonus that flows from using this technique.  I get better quality leads.  No doubt about it.  When it comes to generating leads, I think I’ve done it all.  You name it, I’ve done it.  But this strategy produces enquiries from people who are discerning, serious, and committed.  My conversions  from these types of leads are much much higher as a result (1 in 4)
If you’re sick of wasting time and money on ads, flyers, sticky notes, bla bla – try this method.  Let me know how it worked for you.
Your comments are appreciated.

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