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Facebook Notes – How to Get Leads

facebook notes - generate leadsFacebook Notes Strategy Explained

The Facebook Notes strategy is a useful way to stimulate interest in you and your business.  Executed correctly you can generate leads and income from it.
Please understand that it is not a quick fix and should only be used in conjunction with other lead getting strategies via Facebook.  After installing my own Facebook Notes strategy, I noticed that within a week or two I had a noticeable increase in my friend request notifications, not to mention a good number of ‘likes’ and comments on my Notes.
All of this activity feeds into your lead funnel, as more and more people become curious about you – and what you do.

Merits of Facebook Notes

  1. Easy to Write. No need to worry about all the SEO techno mumbo jumbo you required with blogging and the like.  All you need is to write a great headline that entices people to take a closer look.
  2. Interactive. If you can make your Notes interesting you will have people make comments.    Don’t forget to respond to each comment – and keep the conversation going.
  3. Comment Exposure. If your friends comment on your posts, it will be seen by their friends.

Choosing Content For Facebook Notes

I use 2 types of Facebook Notes:
1. Personal Development theme. I post these notes mainly on Groups I have joined with a Personal Development/Law of Attraction theme.
2. Marketing Theme. I post these notes only on Group walls with a network marketing/internet marketing theme.
I seem to get more interaction from the Notes I post with a marketing related theme.
Although the Facebook Notes strategy works well for marketers who already have a blog established, frankly for a newbie marketer I reckon it’s much easier and quicker to start with the Facebook Notes strategy.  The blog can come later.
Cautionary Note About Facebook Notes

No spamming is the order of the day with Facebook Notes.  Don’t go there, it’s not worth the negative reaction it will cause.  Rather, focus on creating good, valuable content.  Gradually build your following is the way to go.

Just make sure it’s 100% value, that is the key.

Targetting the Right People

Choose your niche and join groups within the niche.  Simple.  Then ask them to become your friend.  Start posting your Note link on these group walls.

Content For Your Facebook Note

1. Other People’s Blogs. Check out blogs in the industry niche, pick a post you like, and rewrite it.
2. Webinars and Seminars. Always great ideas to be gained from webinars and seminars.
3. Own Experiences. Package up your successful experiences into a Note.
4. Guru Reviews. People love to read about industry hero.
5. Product Reviews. Short, snappy reviews is what you need.
6. Something Old, Something New. Run out of ideas?  Just repost one of your old notes.
At the end of your note, or in the P.S.,  include a ‘Call to Action’.   Tell people you will give them a free report, or free training .  You can also tell them to call you, send you a message, or chat you.
Would love you to comment below. What do you think about using Facebook  Notes, and what additional tips do you have? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks!
And hey, why not share this post with your group of followers on facebook, twitter, Blokube, BlogInteract etc. Thank you!

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  1. However if you keep just one blog Facebook s own Notes application is a simple alternative…First open your blog in a browser and copy its URL then log in to Facebook. At the bottom left corner of the screen click Applications and select Notes you may have to click the More button for Notes to be visible .


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