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The Product Doesn't Matter in Network Marketing. Say what?

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Is The Product a Total Irrelevance in MLM?

Some people say that it doesn’t really matter about the product.  They say that if you have the right team, the right leaders, and the right marketing system, the product is beside the point.
What do you think?
My take on this topic is that the product DOES matter.  And it seems that it matters to a heck of a lot of others too.  All of the giants in the network marketing industry seem to have one thing in common – good to great products.
None of them have a ‘joke’ product, or an excuse for a product.  These companies invest  a lot of time, money and effort in developing their products, because they know that if they have product integrity they engender more customer AND rep loyalty.
Another point some people make is that you don’t even need a product.  But when that happens you no longer have a business, you have a cash gifting program or a money game.  I have no problem with cash gifting as a concept (in fact I sort of like it), but if you want to build a big business with longevity, you just gotta have a legit product.
Keep this in mind, if you sell a junk product, it will gnaw away at you.  It will undermine you, and reduce your belief and passion.  How effective do you think you’re gonna be when that happens?  And even if you don’t have those feelings, be very clear on this: others will.
Yep, you may be able to recruit with gay abandon, knowing full well you have a crap product.  But most of the people you recruit WILL have bad feelings about the product, and will NOT duplicate what you do.
So all you’ll be doing is spinning your wheels, wasting time doing lots of front line recruiting for a venture that is going nowhere.  Wanna waste the next couple of years of your life doing that?
I am interested in your feedback on this topic.

  1. Are you totally proud of your companies’ product?
  2. Do u wish your company had better products?
  3. Do you think your companies’ products are good value for money, or overpriced?
  4. Do you prefer marketing bit ticket/big commission ‘one off sale’ products, or small ticket repeat business products?

Let’s see if we can get a discussion going!.  Add your comments at the bottom of this post.

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