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Kiwi Outsider Cracks 'One Sign Up a Day' Code

mlsp reps rainer and samara rappel hit the big time MLSP Has New Stars to Recognise!

Got talking to Rainer Rappel yesterday.  Rainer and his partner Samara have been members of the My Lead System Pro lead funnel system program (MLSP), for about a year.
During that time they experimented with different strategies including article marketing and blogging.  But it wasn’t until they embraced Facebook that things started to take off for them.  Recently they have had great success with Facebook pay per click advertising.
They’re getting a welter of leads from this lead gen strategy.  In fact recently they’ve topped the numbers for generating leads using the MLSP system
Not that advertising is the only strategy they use – they also connect with people on Facebook in the normal way.  That little chat tool is a great way to open a relationship on Facebook.
In fact they’re now signing up one a day into the MLSP program (2 joined yesterday), plus made good money from spin off affiliate commissions, AND signed people into their primary program.
A check on the MLSP leader board confirms they’re the company’s most improved performers!
It’s good to see a ‘down under’ success story such as this one – nice that it’s not another American sales star getting the applause!  No offense!
Go guys!  You deserve it.
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1 thought on “Kiwi Outsider Cracks 'One Sign Up a Day' Code”

  1. Haha cheers Kim!
    We’re shooting a series of vid’s for our personal team showing step by step exactly what we’re doing to achieve these results. Haha it’s literaly 5mins per day marketing!
    We’ll send you the links when we’re done just because you ROCK!
    Have a WICKED Day!
    Your Friends
    Rainer and Samara


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