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Facebook Prospecting – Turn the Tables on the Pitch People

Have I got a deal for you!

Your Turn to Pitch the Facebook Pitch People

Ever been pitched on Facebook?  Welcome to the club.
Initially I thought it was a novel way to drum up business.  But after a while it started to annoy me.
Then the penny dropped – why not turn the tables on them, and promote my stuff?
So that’s what I now do.
Here are a few tips:
1. When someone pitches you, ask them this question: ‘How is this tactic working for you?’  Follow up with others questions such as:

  • Where did you learn this tactic?
  • Why did you chose this tactic over other less confronting/aggressive tactics

By asking questions you immediately take control of the situation, which is always the objective.  Often this approach will sow the seeds of doubt in their mind.  Above all it will establish you as a leader, and position you nicely as an authority.
After an exchange like this, you may find that the ‘pitch person’ will lean forward (metaphorically) and ask your advice about a more effective and enlightened way to do business via  Facebook.
How to do that?  Another story for another day.

1 thought on “Facebook Prospecting – Turn the Tables on the Pitch People”

  1. Awesome post, Kim. You’re so right. When you ask pitchmen questions, you take away their power and they come back to you to help them find better ways to prospect.
    Thanks for sharing.


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