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My name is Kim Willis – congratulations for visiting my ‘network marketing tips’ website.

Two Ways to Rev Up Your Income

  1. Bucket Income Business Model.  The first ingredient is a business model that will deliver ‘now’ money, or bucket income into your bank account every week.
  2. Pull Marketing Lead System.  The second ingredient is a lead system that will produce daily leads on auto pilot.

In 2006, I used the above formula to create a full time income in my first month.  Now I teach others how to do the same thing. Read on…………..

Forget Snail’s Pace ‘Drip’ Income. Step up to Bucket Income Now

Traditional network and affiliate marketing is about creating drip income.  You make a small sale, and you make a small commission.  On the other hand my bucket income formula means if you make a single sale, you make big dollars.  Watch my Bucket Income movie and learn more:

If you’re certain that your current program can deliver plenty of cash flow in quick time (the only thing holding you back is lack of leads), great.  Simply ignore this section and read about my lead generation program below.  On the other hand if you like my Bucket Income concept and want to learn more, go to my BUCKET INCOME SITE now!

The Best Business in the World is Useless Without Leads

Basically you can use push or pull marketing techniques.  I like Pull Marketing the best.  Once I decided on the Bucket Income business model, all I needed was a pull marketing strategy that would deliver a constant supply of people who approached me about my product and business.

Since 2006 I’ve generated thousands of leads online – and all of them approached me! Wow. I love it.

There is a whole world of NEW opportunity to be exploited that doesn’t require you to do the old family and friends stuff anymore.

On this network marketing tips website I will show you proven offline techniques as well as the very best online strategies – so people beat a path to your door.

Learn the Best Online Strategies

Here are some of the online strategies I cover:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Article Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Solo Ads
  • Email Marketing

Apart from the above topics I’ll also do product and company reviews, to keep you in the loop.

Kim Willis


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