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19 MLM Leads and It's Only 10 am!

'Put up your hand if you want more leads!'

MLSP Strategy Drives Hot MLM Leads to My Inbox – Daily

There’s something comforting about opening the laptop in the morning and seeing a bunch of leads in the email inbox.
It’s a great way to start the day
This morning was no different.  Got up, had breakfast, then checked my emails.  There were 12 leads.  By 10am the number had swelled to 19.  The day hasn’t ended and now there’s more than 30.
Compare this to the situation that most traditional network marketers face when they get up in the morning.  No-one much to talk to, so it’s back to the shopping mall to do some bumps!

It’s Not Just the Quantity of Leads 

You can get leads anywhere.  Heck you can buy them from lead vendors if you need lots of leads.  But compared this approach to mine.  All of my leads have put up their hands and made an inquiry – not to some impersonal lead vendor, but to ME.  That represents huge difference.
Lead vendors will sell their leads to maybe 4 other people.  And the leads are of dubious quality – most of them are from people who could not care less about making money and building a business.
So lead QUALITY is important.  I want people who KNOW they have a problem and are anxious for a solution.  Then it just become a matter of tapping into the demand that already exists (online).  The rest is easy.
I call this Pull Marketing and for me it works infinitely better than old style ‘push marketing’ strategies.  The key?  Rather than you chase and cajole, get the people to lean forward and make an inquiry to you instead.
How many inbound leads did you get today?
To learn how we do it – using the MLSP lead funnel  system – make your own inquiry here……

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