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Facebook Advertising – 6 Tips For Advertising Approvals

'I am from the Facebook Poiice.  And I'm here to help you'

Get Your Facebook Ads Approved!

Let’s face it, if you’re in the home biz arena, Google PPC is not viable as an advertising platform any more.  Their rules are so ridiculous that it’s now better to look for greener pastures.
Enter Facebook PPC.  Facebook PPC is not the same as Google.  Google advertising capitalizes on Google’s search engine dominance.  On the other hand Facebook PPC doesn’t have the same advantage as search, but partially or completely makes up for that deficiency due to Facebook’s unparallelled database – which is rich with information on user likes etc.
The foregoing is NOT to say that getting advertising approved by Facebook isn’t without its challenges.  On the contrary, Facebook seems to take delight in rejecting ads put up to them by advertisers.  That said, you can get your ads approved if you are persistent and take care of the basics.
I guess the biggest frustration I have (as a regular advertiser), is their total lack of consistency when reviewing ads.  I’ve had one ad approved, then a week later I submit an almost identical ad, only to be informed they’ve rejected it.  Totally illogical.
Here are 5 Quick Tips to help you get started adverting on Facebook:
1. Use a Good Image.
Facebook is big on images. And seeing as you only have a small area to tell your story you should be bing on them too.  Your image should be eye catching – a real attention getter.  Another idea is to use the space given you for the picture to add a few words – a bit like the funny fotos with captions that I use for my blog posts.
2. Set Up 2 Facebook Accounts
So the FB police don’t like 2 accounts.  Tough.  When they decide to treat advertisers with the respect they deserve then we will play by their rules, not before.  It is a safer option to separate your ads from your social Facebook activities.  Just in case they ban you!   So set up two FB accounts.
3. Submit Often
Don’t agonize about every ad you submit to FB.  I suggest you submit 4 or more ads a day.  Play the numbers game.
4. Submit at Different Times and Days
We’ve found that submitting ads on the weekend seems to work better than during the week.  Sometimes evenings works better too.
5. Rotate Ads Regularly
Ad performance will drop off dramatically.  I’ve found that typically each ad is good for a few days.  Then the performance will drop dramatically.  So keep your rotating ads – previous ads that worked well, can be switched back on for another few days.  Got the picture?  I suggest you wait a week till you re launch another ad.
What are you bestest strategies with Facebook ads?

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