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How to Overcome the Warm Market Blues

'So whose a scaredy cat then?'

So Whose Scared of Approaching Their Warm Market?

Why do so many people have a hang up about approaching their warm market (friends and family)?
It’s do with belief – or lack of.   Some people rationalize by saying it’s ok to talk to strangers about their product or opportunity, but no way will they talk to their warm market.
Yet on a purely rational level, warm market is the best place to start.  If you get your head right it’s actually easier, and has the potential to produce much faster results.  (Example: my own son signed up four people to his Amway business in just 2 weeks – all from warm market!)
So how do you build your belief to the point that it compells you to pick up the phone and make some calls?  Try these tips for size:

  1. Become a Committed User of the Product.  If you love your company’s product, your confidence will naturally increase.
  2. Role Play With Your Mentor.  Doing a role play with someone you respect gives you more confidence.
  3. See Yourself as a Problem Solver NOT a Salesperson.  If you have a low image of yourself in your new business, you wont make too many calls.  And when you do, your lousy posture will be picked up by your prospect.  Snap out of it.  See yourself as the world’s best problem solver.   Works a treat.
  4. Know Their Hot Button.  Before I talk to someone I know I like to get clear in my mind about their hot button (eg – they hate their job).  Knowing the hot button gives you that extra leverage you need to make a difference.  Make sure you lead with the hot button when you make the approach.
  5. Say Your Affirmations.  Hype yourself up before you pick up the phone!  Works.
  6. Practise In Front of the Mirror.  Smile when you role play and check in the mirror your facial expression.  I have used this to good effect in the past – my confidence always goes up.
  7. Stand Up When You Call.  Sometimes I do this – I seem to have more energy and confidence when I do.

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