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3 Ways to Triple Your Response From Ads

'I think I got this ad caper figured' There are a few elements that you need to be mindful of when it comes to writing effective ads.  You probably know what these elements are, but I will attempt to put a slightly different slant on the topic for you.

The Headline

This is the single most important element in an ad.  It is the attention grabber, and must reach out and say ‘read me’ to the reader.  I once read that the difference in response between one headline and another can vary by up to 1,800 per cent.  Amazing.
Different techniques can be used to construct your headline such as:

  1. Problem Solver.  “The 3 ways to XXXXXXXXX” (see my headline above)
  2. Provocative.  “Only an idiot would xxxxxxxxx”
  3. Factual.  “Here is proof – 20 leads a day, no cold calls”

Got the picture?

The Copy

Once you’ve enticed the reader to look at your ad, you need to maintain their attention by including good body copy.  Keep sentences short, so be ruthless about breaking up long sentences.  If space permits, use bullet points and sub headings to break up the copy.  Keep paragraphs short.
Avoid overly formal language, and dispense with non emotional words.  Some words have more impact than others.
Here are some words that you should try and weave into your copy (and your headline)

  • Numbers (3, 5, 7 works best)
  • Free
  • Why
  • New
  • Hot
  • Want
  • How

Use questions and stories to involve the reader and lead them to the next point you are wanting to make.  Make sense?  Sure.

The Call to Action 

Of course, once your reader has read the copy, you’ll want them to take action.  This could take the form of a request for more info about your home based opportunity, or a free e book.

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