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How to be a Genius on the Phone (and convert lots more leads)

'I used to be a scaredy cat on the phone.  Now I'm a tiger' Not everyone is great on the phone. And certainly if you have a home based business (including an MLM or network marketing business), you will be using the phone regularly.

I speak to a lot of people every day and often I am struck by the poor phone communication skills evident in the person I am speaking to. Some people don’t project well at all. Face to face these same people may well be good communicators, but as soon as they pick up the phone, they lose something.

Competence on the phone is essential for most home based business owners. And for network marketers it is mandatory to be effective on the phone. On the other hand, some people may well be quite effective on the phone, but for some reason they fear it. That was me – a real scaredy cat.

Before I started my internet centric networking business, I had a pathological fear of the phone. I would jump in the car to visit someone rather than pick up the phone. Stupid, but it was a reality.

But in 2006, when I decided I wanted to become an internet marketer, I knew I HAD to conquer the fear. Leads were going to be generated, and I knew I would maximise my chances of success if I followed up each lead, rather than hope they would sign up and buy my product on their own volition.

So I bit the bullet, got started and began dialing for dollars. Amazingly, after a couple of weeks I was not only becoming good on the phone, I was really enjoying it.

I think this change was pivotal to my earning more than $50K part time in just my first 10 weeks, as a newbie no less. So phone mastery is vital.

Since I started I’ve had many people come to me asking if I help them with their own phone communication challenges. And as a result I have developed my phone tips series.  Look out for it.

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