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Internet Network Marketing Spruikers – and Their Big Lie

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The Big Lie: Old Style MLM Training and Methods

No Longer Work

Last week I read  an article by an online network marketer/trainer in Ezine Articles.  The article, titled ‘American Communications Network Training’, had this to say:
“American Communications Network has been growing pretty steadily over the past year. partly due to the endorsement by Donald Trump and some revamped technology in the video phone.   So what about the ACN Training, how is that working for most of their telecommunications reps, unfortunately not as well.
But that is not a surprise,  ACN training is not very much different from most network marketing trainings.  Of course, they tell you that everyone needs a video phone, and to make a list of your family and friends, put everyone down who uses a phone etc., you know, the small ole’ story.”
His main point is that ACN uses an  old fashioned way of doing network marketing and that the new ways – such as online marketing – are better.  Here’s another quote:
“Think about why the ACN training has you make a list of family and friends. First and foremost it is easy for them to train you. You do all the work, trying to turn up stones looking for more friends and even more family you can pursue with the idea.
Next they know very well, that at least one or two of your friends and family will sign up for your long distance service and maybe even buy a video phone. This technique is works great for the company, not so great for you, unless you can add about 200 more in the next couple of years.”
I won’t bore you with any more of the article but here is my take on it:
What a load of crap!
Yep, it’s bunkum.  It is not honest and it is illogical.  How can anyone in their right mind say that a company like American Communication Network does not have a winning formula?  My article on the top 30 MLM companies shows that ACN sales were $500 million.  Not bad for a company  that has an outmoded sales system.
And his point that the technique works great for the company but not so great for you, beggars belief.   Um, don’t distributors get the lion’s share of the company’s revenue as income for themselves?
And this is what really annoys me about the online network marketing spruikers.  Listen to Ann Sieg and even Mike Dillard.  Don’t get me wrong – I am a fan of much of what they teach.  If you have made the decision to embrace online marketing,  you should at the very least get Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring book.
But it does annoy me when they more or less tell you that you’re an idiot if you use so called old fashioned methods.
Well the fact is that these so called old fashioned methods still account for billions of dollars in sales.  I don’t know how much business is generated from online methods, but I hazard a guess that it is a small percentage of the total.  Take a look at the aforementioned Top 30 list.  You will see that every one of those top 30 companies promote old fashioned methods.  And that equates to $46 billion of annual sales.  Not bad for an industry using ‘dinosaur’ methods.
Lest you think I am anti online methods, think again.  I LOVE online.  I am good at it, but I was not good at most of the methods taught by trad network marketing leaders.  But that does not mean those old style methods don’t work.  They do.  But they didn’t work for me, or more to the point, I found them unpleasant and stressful- not fun.
So who is online for?  People who are already successful at offline, but looking for another marketing channel   And people who – like me – are simply not cut out for the grind of traditional methods.  I love online marketing.  But it’s not a walk in the park, and I reckon the failure rate is on a par with the failure rate from the offline side of things.  That’s just  the way it is.  But I’ll take the online option every day of the week.

Let’s Get the Story Right

So here is the real story.  Both Offline (or traditional) and online methods will continue to prosper.   Many doing traditional mlm will completely shun the online option, some will dabble in it, whilst a few will totally embrace it.  Bottom line:  do whatever works for you.
Here is what I believe to be the best way forward for most people.
If your company is a traditional company, work with their system – don’t fight it.  If they’re successful – and you wouldn’t have joined ’em if they weren’t, right? – they became successful because of their system.  However if you are attracted to the idea of generating MLM leads online, do that too.  Simply blend your companies’ core methods with some online methods.    Do not ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’

Create a Flood of Online Leads

So do what you need to do, to be congruent with your current MLM  system.  But chance your arm and enter my world!  It’s the online world, and if you apply yourself and put in the hard yards, you’ll be able to plug into the awesome online traffic volumes, just like I do.

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  1. Hi Kim, I tried to subscribe to your video series & it failed to go through. The instruction was to notify you,… I am!
    I’d love to have a look at your travel business, to see if it was suitable for me. Could you please email me some details?
    I’m interested in a career change, & am looking – through slightly skeptical eyes – at what is on offer. (I had an unfortunate experience with LifePath Unlimited which left me with a $21,000.00 debt to repay, hence my caution).
    Affiliate marketing holds an appeal for me, however I take your point as to the length of time needed to generate a real income. Being a family man with limited time, however, I must be mindful of the actual time I can devote to generating, & following up leads with direct sales/top tier/mlm type businesses.
    Haveyou any thoughts that may help?? I’d certainly appreciate your advice.
    Thanks, Rex.


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