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Is your partner holding you back?

'I don't always see eye to eye with my partner!'I got lucky…..
I married someone who (almost) always supported my decisions.
For the big decisions I always ran the idea or proposal by her first.  Sometimes it meant that I didn’t move forward on it, simply because she pointed out some weaknesses with my idea that I hadn’t
But overwhelmingly her input was positive.
Contrast this with the behavior of some people’s partners.
Their default position is to oppose.  They see red lights when you might see green lights.
Why are some partners like this?
Often it’s because they perceive a threat.  Maybe they see you becoming too successful, and leaving him/her behind.
Another reason could be that they are inherently small thinkers.  They don’t believe that it’s possible that people can rise above their ‘station in life’ and dramatically improve their financial situation.
No matter.  Whatever the reason, if you are excited about something (such as a new business venture), and it’s important to have your partner ‘on board’, is there anything you can do to win their support?
Try these ideas for size:
1. Get clearly focused on the benefits of the proposal
2.Show how the benefits of being successful with the new venture can profoundly change the family situation for the better.
3. Articulate the benefit in a persuasive way
4. Tell your partner what you’re level of commitment is going to be.
5. Reassure your partner that you are convinced the new venture is a winner.
Your job is to instil confidence and belief. Unless your partner has a bias for NO, the above strategies should work.
So what to do about the really negative partner?
1. Move forward and do it anyway
2. Lose the partner!
Of course it is not always the partner who is the problem……
Some people use their partner’s negativity as an excuse to do nothing.  This is when the inner wimp rises to the fore.
They know their partner will put the kibosh on the venture and so use that as an excuse to do nothing.  Shame, shame, shame.
So what do you do if – after your best efforts – your partner is still negative?
Well, here is what I did.
In 2006 I had a profound need to create an income from home. I found something I liked, and showed it to my wife.
Guess what?
She hated it!  Well not exactly ‘hate’, but she was uncomfortable with it.  What to do?
I joined anyway.
And I made money – the rest is history.
Just goes to show that sometimes you gotta make a judgment call, and move forward on your convictions.
That’s what leaders do.

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