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IsXperia Review

isxperia_newsIsXperia Review

IsXperia is a relatively young multilevel marketing company founded by the husband-and-wife tandem of Christopher and Gina Bratta in 2007.
IsXperia offers a unique opportunity for its members to achieve financial freedom through establishing a solid and lasting passive income stream.


At present, IsXperia has over 25,000 distributors located in 40 countries including the United States, Canada, Spain and Italy. The company has its office in Fort Myers in Florida. The company is run by some of the most innovative individuals in the fields of business and medicine including the Bratta’s (of course,) Harold Hasser, Dr. Charles Rouse and the company’s marketing genius Maria Tunis.
Before founding IsXperia, the Bratta’s were already veterans and were highly successful in the MLM industry. The Bratta’s earned millions from distributing and selling nutritional products for nearly 17 years from the MLM industry.
In 2007, the couple decided to start their own MLM company with a twist.  Unlike many other MLM companies, IsXperia offers not just products but also high quality services. IsXperia also boasts a diversified product line consisting of five unique brands positioned in different niches.

IsXperia Products

IsXperia’s Vital Xpression and Benefits are two premium brands that are positioned in the health and wellness niche. Vital Xpression offers high quality health and wellness products such as vitamins, minerals and food supplements.
On the other hand, the Benefits brand is a service brand that aims to provide affordable health care to its growing clientele. The other three IsXperia company brands include My Skin, Total Xpression and Xperia Vacations which are positioned in the skin care and cosmetics, sexual enhancement and travel niches respectively.
The company’s diversified product line represents its main competitive advantage over other MLM companies. In fact, IsXperia uses the phrase “1 Unique Company, 5 Diverse Brands” as its company slogan.

IsXperia Compensation Plan

IsXperia allows its members to earn as much as 25% commission on retail sales. There are also several bonuses including the Fast Start Product Bonus, the Generational Fast Start Bonus, Sales Team Bonus, Generational Match, and Dream Car Bonus.
The company also has a sophisticated Get 4 incentive and accelerated options that provide opportunities for bigger payouts.
A more diversified product line generally helps in attracting more consumers. IsXperia’s product line is also safer and is less vulnerable if an industry suffers a downturn. For marketers, IsXperia offers a binary plan that provides them with eight different earning opportunities.

Weighing the Options

Indeed, IsXperia is right on target when it comes to diversification. However, such a diverse and aggressive product line may actually end up as a double-edged sword that can hurt the business especially considering that IsXperia is still relatively young.
Skeptics will often point out that IsXperia lacks the much needed specialization seen in other MLM companies. People may view IsXperia as another fly-by-night MLM company – needless to say, majority of MLM companies fail within its first five years.
IsXperia may not have a long successful track record as other MLM companies but its vision of an MLM company with diversified product line does hold some appeal to potential distributors.
IsXperia is a promising business opportunity that offers promising products and services and is run by people who have been there and succeeded in the MLM industry.
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