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Time to be thankful, and the kindness of strangers

This post has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, network marketing, or making money.
It’s far more important than that.
(Sometimes I get sick of all the hype and nonsense, particularly relating to the latest ‘hot new product launch’  and the like.  In the overall scheme of things it’s not important.)
A week ago my wife Sandra died, after a long and painful illness (not Cancer).
I was married to her for 37 years.
When I married her she was 5’6″ tall.  When she died she was 4’11”.
Her normal weight was  140 lbs.  When she died she was 89 lbs.
A tragedy.
Although I am grieving, my number 1 priority now is to help my 2 sons recover, and then move forward.  They loved their mother dearly.
The reason I am writing this post is mainly to share with you the blessings I have received from the countless number of people – most of whom I hardly know – who have responded to an email I sent, or a post I made on Facebook.
I have been overwhelmed with goodwill messages from people from all over the world
What this has told me is that many people have a high degree of humanity about them.  It told me that lots of people do care, and will reach out to offer support when warranted.
If you, who are one of the people who sent me a message, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Here are some of the messages I’ve received over the last few days:
One of my team members in my (Resorts 360) business – Jim from the Gold Coast – sent me this:
“We have never met and I never met Sandra though I spoke to her on the phone a couple of times.
This e-mail is deliberately from my personal address in response to to the message you sent to my business e-mail.   The business does indeed pale into insignificance at this time!
I cannot pretend to relate to your feelings but I cried as your message said so much in so few words. 37 years. Jim”
Here are some more……….
Kim, Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dearest wife; May God,s blessing be with at this time. and our prayers.”
“Hi Kim, how are you doing today? Keep on going and the pain will ease with time. If it helps to talk about your dear wife, then I would be interested to read about her.”
“I have “When Someone You Love Dies” ready to send you, and Tina will post it this afternoon. It has lots of practical help on dealing with grief and the stages that people go through. It even has a section on how others can help and you can help others to deal with the problem of what to say and do if they desire to assist. There is a small section at the end on how having a spiritual outlook can be a big help but it mainly concentrates on the practical and emotional side. This publication is given out by several funeral establishments in NZ I understand.”
Take care Kim my friend.  Alan”
“Dear Kim, one tip:  keep a book of your innermost feelings, dreams impressions etc, not every day, but sometimes a defining moment will come along and if you date it and write it in a book it really helps release tension.   I am still writing in mine, and the other day for the first time started reading it from day 1, boy what a bestseller it would make, (after people recognise that madness is a form of absolute reality sometimes!!!!!!)   Sometimes you will hear music in your head, write the title down in your book and get the words, amazing how comforting and meaningful the words can be.    No I am not a “nutter”  but after 4 years of writings sometimes daily sometimes every few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that messages come in many guises.   Good luck, and keep walking forward.  (there are no other options,) Regards Denise.”
“So sorry to hear that kim my deepest sympathies will keep you and your family in prayer take care. tracey”
“Kim, I am so sorry to hear your news.  Please know that my thoughts are with you through this extremely challenging time.
Take all the time you need, I will be in contact in a week or two to see how things are.  With much love, Sandy”
“Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how you feel, after 37 years together. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Take the time you need…
I know there are many details and you need to grieve too. Business will get done. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Again, I’m so sorry. Kimberley”
“Kim, my heart and prayers go out to you. I’m sorry to hear your wife passed. Take some time to mourn man don’t rush it.  Best Wishes,  Jeremy”
“KIM!  Please accept my fervent condolences!  I’m shocked at your news.  My husband and I have been married for a similar length of time and to lose my life partner would be like losing a large part of my own self.  Please take time for your self to deal with your loss and don’t worry about anyone else until you are ready.
We’ll talk soon, All the best, Marlene”
“I am very sorry to here your news. Be strong its a long road ahead yet not  always a difficult one  – talk about her with those close to you –  It helps. I enjoy your posts and look forward to hearing more later.  SImon”
“Dear Kim: I am so sorry and sad to hear the news about your wife’s death. 
This will be a very hard  time for you and for all your family. It will be good to take some time to grieve and heal with your friends and family during this time.
 I hope you will find some comfort with the memories and laughter that you have shared with your wife  over such a long time.  With deepest sympathy.  Take care. Anne”
“Hi Kim,  I’m so very sorry to hear of your tragic loss.  What an awful thing for you and your family to have to endure. My thoughts are with you all.
I’m sure all your team will understand if you take time out from your heavy work schedule for as long as you need.  We’ll all still be here.  Best wishes and sympathy,  Jennifer”
“Dear Kim,  I am so dreadfully sorry to hear of your loss.   Words fail me to express my sadness for you and your sons.   I wish you strength and peace in these incredibly difficult days.  My thoughts are with you and your family.   Marion”
“Dear Kim,  So sorry to hear of your wife’s passing this Tuesday.  I enjoyed speaking with you on Wednesday evening (Virginia Beach Time).  Great example of how the pro’s initiate contact.  I will pursue the MLSP option asap.  Again my deepest condolences.  Had she been ill long?  Gone but not forgotten she will always be with you in spirit.   Best regards, Craig”
The foregoing represent just a small selection of the messages I’ve received.  Whether I have included your message here or not, one thing is certain…………..
I am thankful and grateful that you took a little time out of your day to reach out.  Power to you.

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