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Madman David Wood Pays 100% Commissions!

david_wood_empower_networkBeen on my own this weekend.
Damien and Nathan are away so I’ve got the house to myself.
Feels a bit weird (particularly after the tumultuous events of the last 2 weeks), but making the most of it.
To keep myself busy and keep my (wayward) mind occupied, I decided to review some new products and opportunities that interest me.
One such program has been launched by boy wonder, David Wood.
I heard about it before the launch, but because of our family crisis, had to sideline it.  Till now.
It’s called the Empower Network and after reviewing all the videos, I – after some initial skepticism – am convinced this is the real deal.
In short, I think this one is a solid, rolled gold winner.
Before I continue, let me make one thing clear.
I am NOT abandoning my Resorts 360 travel business.  No way.
In fact I see the Empower Network as an awesome way to strengthen it.
And if you have not yet joined me in my travel biz, you can use Empower Network as a stepping stone.
Have a look at the benefits:

  • Commissions of 100 per cent (NOT a typo – you get all of the money that the client pays – and they pay it directly to you!)
  • Make up to $125 a month residual (10 sign ups gives you $1,250 a month residual income!)
  • Make up to $625 initially
  • Learn the best ways to make money online (being taught by perhaps the best online attraction marketer in the world right now)
  • Get paid instantly (no need to wait a month to get paid, unlike most affiliate programs)

As little as $25 a month gets you started (although it helps if you can commit more bucks)
Two guys are behind the Empower Network:
1) David Wood
2) David Sharpe
I don’t know much about David Sharpe, but I DO know a lot about David Wood.  In fact I know him personally.
I’ve been tracking David for 2 years.  To say his rise has been meteoric is an understatement.
David #1 has gone from living in a van in Hawaii, to living in a quasi palace in Costa Rica.
His income has skyrocketed from zero to $80,000 a month.  In little more than 2 years.
I heard him talk not in August 2009, not long after he got started as an online marketer.  He was a nobody, but just happened to stumble upon a formula to drive tons of people to his website.
That formula translated to his first $25,000 month, a couple of months after he started.  And get this: he did it without spending a cent on ads and the like.
He did it with totally free methods.
When I heard that I took notice, and I’ve been tracking him ever since.
And now he has launched EN with his buddy David Sharpe.
If you’ve been a subscriber to my stuff for a while, you will know that I rarely promote new products and business opportunities.
I get bombarded daily, and steadfastly refuse to be tempted (unlike many others!).
But this one is different:
* 100% commissions
* Get paid instantly
* Get trained by possibly the world’s greatest online marketer
So take a look
But I warn you:
– David Wood is weird.
– He is very different.
– He can be offensive.
But if you can handle that, you’re gonna love him
Final words…..
Empower Network only launched 2 weeks ago, so it’s still very much a ground floor thing.
The amazing thing though, is that EN has generated almost a MILLION DOLLARS in commissions for its members.  In just 2 weeks!
Never seen anything like it.
In fact one of my Canadian pals made $20k – in his first 7 days.  Another made $10k in her first five days.  On it goes…..
There’s money to be made here.
Grab some for yourself
Talk soon

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