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Twenty Percent Conversion Rate – No Calls

empower networkThings got hectic this week.
On Sunday night I added the Empower Network to my portfolio, and sent out my first email about it.
Monday morning I had my first sign up.
Had more sign ups thru the day, and more on Tuesday.
Went away on Tuesday morning.  By the time I got back Thursday night, a total of 60 people had opted in to the EN site, and of  those, 12 had joined.
Heck that was more than my goal for the whole month (this was just going to be a little side project, but now I’m thinkin’ that this thing could be big!)
So it works
And it can work for you too.
Why does it work?
1. 100% commission
2. Get started for just $25 per month (then upgrade when you’re ready – for higher commissions)
3. David Wood to do the selling for you
4. David Wood as your virtual coach
Tomorrow I will tell you what I did when I was away – and what I learned from it.
Check Empower Network NOW!
Stay tuned.

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