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The Definitive ARIIX Review


So What is ARIIX About?

ARIIX is an up-and-coming MLM/networking marketing company engaged specifically in developing and selling high quality beauty and wellness products.  The company launched in 2011.
According to its website, “ARIIX was born from the vision of six leading minds in business and nutritional science.”   Yada yada.
The company claims to have set the bar of excellence to a higher level and is constantly working towards setting the “gold standard” in the field of MLM marketing.

ARIIX Overview

ARIIX is managed by a superb team led by its CEO Dr. Fred Cooper, a former President and COO of Usana (a publicly-traded MLM company), in the same health and wellness niche. His co-founders are veteran network marketers, Mark Wilson and Jeffrey Yates.
The history of ARIIX can be traced back to January 12, 2011 when iCentris Solutions, a business intelligence company owned by Cooper, registered the domain name Exactly one month later, Celebrus LLC registered the company name ARIIX.
Incidentally, iCentris Solutions and ARIIX have the same company address.

Ariix Opportunity

The company’s main goal is to help others to help others – nothing new there.  In doing so, ARIIX is committed to developing and selling science-driven products of the highest quality while at the same time providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for its members to achieve real financial independence.
ARIIX is also driven by the pay-it-forward message and will be constantly looking for  ways of giving back in a much bigger and global scale.

Ariix Compensation Plan

ARIIX adopted a binary compensation plan with extra pay lines which the company calls the Activ8 Compensation Plan.  In theory, ARIIX’s compensation plan provides members with greater earning opportunities – which hits the mark when it comes to the company’s mission of “providing a solid opportunity for real financial independence.”
Part of ARIIX’s mission also includes helping and encouraging its members through training programs.
ARIIX’s Active8 compensation plan allows members to earn as much as they want, and to start a steady income stream from retail profits, base commissions, team bonuses, matching bonuses, pay line bonuses, income position bonuses, luxury car bonus and IIX Membership Bonus Program.  Golly, that’s a lot of bonuses!

ARIIX Products

ARIIX offers five different products – which somehow pales in comparison (in terms of numbers) with most MLM companies’ diverse and seemingly endless product lines. Its five products are Rejuveniix, Minerals, Vitamins, Omega-Q and Vinali.
Of its five products, Rejuveniix, seems to be the leader of the pack. Obviously, Rejuveniix bares the “IIX” ending similar to the “IIX” in ARIIX. By the way, the IIX, according to ARIIX website refers to the Roman numeral for the number 8 which means infinity if rotated – although, says the Roman numeral for the number 8 is “IIV.”
Rejuveniix is another miracle juice blend of acai, goji, mangosteen and macqui.   Ho hum.  Ever get that ‘seen it all before’ feeling?  (I think the word is deja vu.)
ARIIX’s products may not excite networkers or even the average consumer at first glance, but the mere fact that those five products underwent a series of research studies and laboratory tests can effectively guarantee their effectiveness.
In addition, ARIIX also boasts a team of expert in-house scientists and researchers.

The Tim Sales Connection

Industry stalwart Tim Sales took an  early position in Ariix.  If you didn’t know, Tim Sales built a large business with Nu Skin Enterprises in the 80’s, then promptly retired so he could concentrate on his passion to build a successful training business, which he has done.
However, the ‘lure of the field’ has enticed Tim back into the ”hurley burley’ of building a network marketing business once again.  Tim Sales is now a master distributor with Ariix.

The Future For Ariix

What makes ARIIX different from other MLM companies?  Not sure.  I guess it really comes down to the strength and quality of the leadership team.
The product and pay plan is similar to many others.  So when you boil it down it will be about the leadership and their ability to innovate, attract quality people to the business, exercise superb judgment, stay solvent, and to establish a powerful culture.
If they get it right they’ll become a long term player.  If not, they’ll join the long list of promising businesses that lack staying power, and collapse before they reach their full potential.
Time will tell.
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Kim Willis

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