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Empower Network and the Dash Between Your Years

empower networkIn my last post, I told you I went away for part of the week.
I also said I would tell you why.
Well, here goes………..
My late wife’s sister lives near Sydney and wanted to hold a memorial service in Sandra’s honor.
So Damien, Nathan and myself hopped on a plane so we could attend.
Although the purpose of the service was to celebrate her life, it was actually a sad affair.
It was certainly NOT what my wife would have wanted, as she was such a hedonistic, fun loving person (therein lies a clue as to the reason for her demise).
The pastor gave a nice talk, and kept it mercifully brief.  As he summed up, he talked of the ‘dash between the years’.
He said that the dash doesn’t tell the story of that person’s life.
Someone may have lived from say 1949 – 2011, but what did that dash represent?
Did it represent a worthy life?  A life lived to the full?
Or did it represent wasted opportunities and regret?
Worth considering.
Perhaps you should think of your life to date.  Take a stock take.
Do you like what you see?
I did, and NO I didn’t completely like what I saw.
So it’s time to just get on with it.

  • No more excuses
  • No more fear
  • No more buying our own BS

One way to do it is to take a baby step (then get bold after that).
Here Is Your Baby Step:
Just $25 gets you started.  So, let this baby step add positively to the dash that represents your life.
Over to you.
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Kim Willis

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