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david wood empower networkLast week I had a girl ask  me this question:
‘How do you do it?’
She wanted to know how I write good copy for my emails.
So today I’m going to give you a few tips.
Hope you like them.
Keep in mind that building your list should be your number 1 priority.
But once you have a list what then?
You need to communicate with your list.
One way to do it is to pick up the phone.
But as I proved last week, a few good emails can produce a powerful result.
I don’t have a big list.  Reason being that for 5 years I haven’t needed it.
My main thing is to market big ticket products that pay big commissions.  When you’re playing that game you don’t need thousands on your list.
In fact a list with 100 good people on it, would be worthwhile.
The way it works is that if you market big ticket products, you need to phone your list.
On the other hand, if you’re marketing a small ticket product (eg Empower Network), you don’t need to phone.
Proof?  Last week I sent a few emails about Empower Network, and 20 people signed up.
Without a phone call.
Neat, eh?
I’ve done nothing more to promote Empower Network.  Not a thing.
Just a few emails, that’s all.  (Clarification: I DO phone people AFTER they sign up to Empower Network.  If you have joined and not heard from me, give it time!)
So here are some email marketing tips for you:
1. Develop Your Narrative. This one is so important.  I like to develop themes, and then flesh out the theme with the right words.
Look at a narrative as being your guiding ‘story’.
2. Write Catchy Headlines.  You’ve got to grab people’s attention.  Promising a benefit is one way.  Another way is to use provocation.  For instance I wrote a blog post about David Wood, and the headline referred to the ‘Madman David Wood’.
3. Keep Your Sentences Short.  Visual appeal is important.  So keep your sentences and your paragraphs short.
4. Include the YOU Word. That’s the word that people love to read.  Use the YOU word to further engage your reader.
5. Be Real.  Let people have a glimpse of the real you – it will help you build relationships.  Don’t make it all business.
Talk a little about yourself.  Works wonders, and may well make you feel good too.
6.  Call to Action.  Ask people to click on a link and take action.
Of course not everyone has a list.  Some people are just starting out.  And that’s cool.  So next time I’ll give you some tips on how to build your list from scratch.
So if you’ve joined Empower Network or something else, create your list.
Then talk to me – I’ll help you create your first email.
Hope this helps

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