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Pure Gold – Simple Tip To Build Your List

Wanna see my pussy blog?Ok, yesterday I wrote about email marketing and how to create a potent email that people will actually read.
But not everyone has a list.
Others have a small list and want to make it larger.
Here is my number one favorite marketing strategy:
– Blogging
Been doing blogging for a while, and now it generates daily leads.  For free!
Blogging rocks!
My blog generates a constant flow of leads – that don’t cost me a cent.
Does blogging work?
Sure does, and here’s proof:
Type in this key term: empower network
If you are in Australia you will see that I rank for positions 2, 3 4, and 5!
When did I write those blog posts?
In the last 7 days, that’s all.  See how quick it can be?
And now I dominate the results page.
You can do it too (for related key terms).
Keep in mind that each inquiry gets added to my list.
Then I drip marketing messages to each person on the list
You can do the same thing
But you need to know a bit about keyword strategy.
And you need to know how to set up your blog.
But the good news is the Empower Network has at its core, a simple, potent blogging platform.
Set up for you – ready to go.
Soon, I will show how I keep my time involvement as a blogger to just 30 minutes a day.
I’ll show you the dead simple, super easy way to become champion blogger.
Look out for it.
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Kim Willis

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