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Profile of Your Ideal MLM Prospect

I just can't attract quality people into my business.  Not sure why.One of the things we sometimes lose focus of, is the type of person we are wanting to recruit into our network marketing business.
We waste too much time on deadbeat prospects, and do not invest enough time locating  quality prospects.  One of the reasons is to do with lack of belief.  We don’t feel worthy of talking to better quality people.
Another reason is that we simply lack focus and clarity.  With that thought in mind it is good to have a clear picture of our ideal prospect.  Once we have the clear picture we can then set about finding people who fit the profile.
Magic happens when we have a target – it keeps us motivated and on track.
Here is a list of characteristics I have developed for my own business:

  1. Entrepreneurial.  They need not have owned a business before, but they are hell bent on starting one.  They think like an entrepreneur, even if they’ve never been one.
  2. Sane and Balanced.  After a recent experience with a total lunatic who joined my business, I have now added this point to my list.  I do not want unhinged or unbalanced people in my business, and if I get the slightest feeling they’re like this, I will not allow them to join.
  3. Takes Responsibility.  Some people just love to play the blame game.  These people have huge character flaws – they are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions, and their outcomes.  I need people like that, like I need a hole in the head.  So I look for people with patterns of success who DO take responsibility -‘whatever it takes’ is their motto.
  4. Financial.  It helps if they can access some money to get their new venture up and running.
  5. Hungry For Success.  Amway great Dexter Yeager calls it the ‘why factor’.  They just gotta have a big why which in turn feeds their hunger.  People who have a hunger for success are naturally inclined to taking action – they have a huge sense of urgency.
  6. Teachable and Coachable.  Last but by no means least is being teachable.  People who will not take instruction, who insist on doing things ‘their way’ are poison.  Lose them.

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Kim Willis

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