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Empower Network and David Wood – Weird Outsider Breaks the Rules

david wood and empower networkOK, I wasn’t going to say much more about the Empower Network.
I’ve been writing about it for a few weeks and if you haven’t acted by now, you probably never will.
So forget Empower Network.  This is not about that.
This email is about something more profound than a mere business opportunity.
I’m talking about David Wood’s latest blog post.
It’s a game changer.
After reading it you’ll see why David is shaking up the online industry in a big way.
–  Yes he’s weird
– Yes he can be annoying
But he has the magical X Factor that so few people possess.
That’s why I support him.
I want to hang onto his coat tails and have the ride of my life.
Why not you?
Maybe some of David’s magic dust will rub off onto you too.
Read his post.  Devour it.  Read every last word of it.
Look at the way he’s structured it.
Above all plug into his core message.
This guy has wisdom beyond his years.
And yea, if you haven’t joined Empower Network yet, do it here
That’s all.

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