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Get More Facebook Fans – Buy Fans

buy facebook fansSo you’ve got a fan page and you want lots of raving fans?
Here is the good news – I can help you get fans.  The bad news is that you will have to do the work to turn them into raving fans.
Buying fans is perhaps the easiest way to build your fan base.
But there are traps and pitfalls.
Not so long ago I succumbed to the aggressive tactics of an Indian gentleman who insisted he could get me lots of fans.  Not just ANY old fan, no siree – he was going to get me targeted fans.
Well, after dipping my toe in the water with a small test, it quickly become apparent that his idea of targeted fans and mine, were polar opposites.  Total rubbish.
So you gotta be careful.
This is not to say that there aren’t services out there that can do the job, but it is vital that they deliver targeted fans – who have an interest in what you do.  You also need fans who have a following (friends).  Not a lot of value in having fans who only have a couple of friends.

How to Find Fan Getting Services

One way to do it is to post a job with outsource services such as Fiverr and O Desk
One company that has been offering this service for several years is uSocial.
And no, I am not an affiliate for this company, but they do have a good reputation, and I think were the first company to offer this type of service.
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