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Motives Cosmetics Review

Motives Cosmetics is another budding multilevel marketing company that is starting to get noticed in today’s crowded multilevel marketing industry. Obviously, Motives Cosmetics is an MLM company involved in the business of selling beauty products.

Some of the products Motives Cosmetics sell include makeup, lipsticks, fragrances, eye shadows and blushes. Motives Cosmetics’ main target market is women particularly teenage college students and young professionals.

Company Overview

Motives Cosmetics is a relatively new player in the field of multilevel marketing. This makes it hard for people planning to join the opportunity to arrive at an informed decision due to limited information.

The MLM Company is actually owned and operated by Market America, an international marketplace that runs a traditional multilevel marketing structure. Through its years of operation, Market America has established itself as a solid player in the field. Market America and its Motives Cosmetics offering aren’t fly-by-night companies – that’s for sure.

Product Lineup and Vision

Motives Cosmetics understand how important it is for women to look and feel beautiful. Similarly, the company visualizes a more beautiful world surrounded by women who look and feel beautiful inside out. While beauty isn’t entirely the measure of a person, the need to be beautiful remains high and it should really stay that way.

Through its product offerings, Motive Cosmetics aims to achieve its missions, visions and aspirations of a more beautiful world. Some of the bestselling cosmetics and hair care and skincare products the company has include eyeliners, foundations, makeup finishers, mascara and primers – specifically those that provide an anti aging look.

Apart from their bestsellers, Motives Cosmetics also sell cosmetics that are aimed to enhance a woman’s cheeks, eyes, lips and nails. Fragrances such as those formulated by Loren Ridinger are also being sold at Motives Cosmetics.


As a business opportunity, Motives Cosmetics offers a unique business and work model. Motives Cosmetics actually has two types of members – those who are under 18 years old (Try Motives and Me) and those that are adults (Motives Consultant.)

If you’re under 18 years old, you can earn some extra cash by referring the products of Motives Cosmetics to your friends, family members or acquaintances. Motives Cosmetics will provide you with the much needed tools to sell such as a personal website and effective mentoring programs supported by a veteran Motives Consultant.

Motives Cosmetics encourages those under their Try Motives and Me program to use the power of social media when advertising the company’s products. Motive Cosmetics directly pointed out the social networking sites Facebook and MySpace and the micro-blogging platform Twitter – pretty clever and savvy for a business that is founded on traditional and age-old principles.

On the other hand, Motives Consultants or those over 18 years old are provided with professional websites and online training tools and support such as video demos, tutorials and other promotional materials.

Motives Consultants earn commissions on each and every sale made on their behalf.


If you’ll look at it more closely, the concept of Motives Cosmetics isn’t really that unique, think Avon or Sara Lee. Nonetheless, there’s one advantage Motives Cosmetics has over those two aforementioned cosmetic companies – Motives Cosmetics utilizes the power of the Internet.

Motives Cosmetics is a great business opportunity especially for young women looking for a second source of income.

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