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Minerva Worldwide Review

Minerva Worldwide is a network marketing that is currently on its prelaunch stage and will be officially launched in early 2012. The concept behind Minerva Worldwide is its focus on health and wellness, primarily with regards to obesity and weight loss management. It hopes to cash in on the underlying health problems already present in many countries.

Minerva Worldwide’s main goal is to help people lose weight and achieve a healthier mind and body. This, while at the same time opening opportunities for financial independence to its members.

Men behind Minerva

Apart from the fact that the company is founded by some of the biggest names in the multilevel marketing industry such as Charlie Culver, Larry Thompson, Jimmy Kossert, Peter Baloff, John Gustin and Ted Charchuk, there isn’t any clear information on how well the business has been setup.

The founders of Minerva Worldwide have formed a team composed of the brightest and most renowned experts in the fields of business and science. This is in line with their drive to build a billion dollar business.

While the goal to build a billion dollar business is quite ridiculous considering the lack of concrete products or services the company will offer, it’s still worth a second thought. If you’ll look at it more closely, the company can actually reach their one billion dollar goal.

According to the latest statistics, obesity is prevalent in the United States. Minerva Worldwide says that 1/3 of adults in the US are obese while another 1/3 are considered overweight. A more alarming statistic reveal that 17 percent of children and teens are overweight and many more gaining extra weight and unwanted fat by the day.

For that reason, one billion dollars isn’t as ridiculous at first glance. Come to think of it, how can Minerva Worldwide achieved its one billion dollar dream?

What will Minerva Worldwide offer to its members?

Minerva Worldwide plans to sell annual membership fees amounting to roughly $20 in exchange for access to premium content created by some of the brilliant minds in the weight loss industry.

Selling Points

Minerva Worldwide also hired excellent writers, advertisers, graphic designers and social media experts to help create world class content on weight loss management and related topics.

Minerva Worldwide also visualizes a community where people with similar weight dilemma can share and listen to the stories of others – a very unique way of doing multilevel marketing.

With regards to tangible products the company plans to offer, there is no current word about it. It’s highly likely that they have plans of introducing additional products apart from access to their company’s premium content.

With or without tangible products, Minerva Worldwide’s model is bound to thrive due to several factors such as its low annual membership fee and the emotional appeal it has over many Americans today. Minerva Worldwide however, provides you with selling tools and resources including your own Minerva Worldwide website – which you may or may not use.

As a business opportunity, Minerva Worldwide isn’t that solid but it’s really very promising. Minerva Worldwide isn’t tied with a particular product or service that’s why it’s easier to get referrals and build a downline with the system.

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