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Family IQ Review

Family IQ Review Family IQ is a unique network marketing company that offers family-oriented skill building tools and programs as its main products. Family IQ hopes to build lasting ties between family members and improve current relationships. The company’s main mission is to “empower individuals and parents to improve their personal, partnering and parenting skills” … Read more

Empower Network Blogs Outrank the Rest

Empower Network Platform a ‘Game Changer’ Plugging into one of the Empower Network support forums the other day was illuminating. Plenty of EN members are getting their blog posts ranked quickly.  Certainly much quicker than if they had to start their own blog from scratch.  This is because the Empower Network blog platform is already … Read more

Li Cunxin: Mao's Last Dancer on Passion and Courage

Read an interesting story in the Australian Financial Review recently.  They profiled a number of successful people, one of whom was Li Cunxin.  Li is the author of the best selling book, “Mao’s Last Dancer”. Li’s story  is fascinating.  Firstly, escaping poverty in rural China to become a top ballet dancer.  Becoming principal dancer for … Read more

Rob Fore Shines in Empower Network SEO Training

Watched a fascinating seo training webinar the other day. It featured Jon Mroz and Rob Fore. The webinar forms part of the $15k Formula Per Month course, which is offered via the Empower Network. In particular, Rob Fore’s segment was special. Although much of the info Rob covered is available via other training forums, what … Read more