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Rob Fore Shines in Empower Network SEO Training

rob fore empower networkWatched a fascinating seo training webinar the other day.
It featured Jon Mroz and Rob Fore.
The webinar forms part of the $15k Formula Per Month course, which is offered via the Empower Network.
In particular, Rob Fore’s segment was special.
Although much of the info Rob covered is available via other training forums, what I loved about Rob’s presentation was the clarity of his message.
Some of the points Rob covered were as follows:
1.  Authority Sites Are Important.  If you can attain the status of authority site, Google will rank you much more quickly.  They will take notice of your blog posts and reward you with a favorable ranking.
2.  Back Links Count. One of the primary ways to get ranked is to have lots of back links.
3. Quantity and Quality Backlinks.  You need quality AND quantity backlinks.
4. Back Links Defined.  Quality back links are defined as those links pointing to your site from other authority sites.
5.  Back Link Characteristics.  Some of the characteristics of authority sites are: age of site, number of pages on site, number of back links from other authority sites pointing to the site, PR score (Page Rank) of 1-10, to name a few.
There are plenty of people who know and teach SEO, but very few have the ability to inspire.  This is key.  Raw information has only limited value.  What is crucial for the presenter is the ability to cut through, and trigger a creative response in the mind of the recipient.
If the presenter is doing his job properly he should have the ability to inspire and enthuse.  Rob Fore is one of those people.
To learn more about these advanced training options, check out Rob Fore and Empower Network now.

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