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Empower Network Platform Ranks Fast on Google

empower network australiaEmpower Network Ranks Member’s Sites At Number 1 on Google Fast

One of the fabulous things about the Empower Network blog platform is its ability to get your blog posts ranked quickly on Google.
This is because the Empower Network site is already an authority site by virtue of its high traffic, and volume of back links (more than 6,000 already).
So although Empower Network only kicked off 2 months ago, it acquired almost instant authority site status.  Therefore, when content is posted to this site, that content will tend to rank much faster when compared to a ‘newbie’ site that has no authority status with Google.
When you join the Empower Network you in effect piggy back on their authority site status, simply because the blog platform you get with EN is an extension of their core site.
The key to getting traffic is to get ranked on Google as quick as you can.  Ideally you will want to claim a top 5 position on Google for your chosen keyword.
When writing a blog post for your Empower Network site, make sure you write the post around one keyword only.  Focus on that keyword – insert it into your headline, and the body copy, and add your alt tags to a relevant photo.
By the way, you are NOT limited to WHAT you write about.  It is certainly not limited to Empower Network keyword focused blog posts.  You can write about anything you want to get ranked for.  But make sure you select keywords that don’t have too much competition.
However and this is the exciting part – some Empower Network members ARE getting even competitive keywords ranked super fast – like in a week.
One guy got his EN page ranked in just 2 weeks for the super competitive keyword phrase, ‘mlm tips’.  Others are finding they’re getting their blog posts ranked in the Number 1 position for less competitive keywords in just a few days.  This is HUGE and if that alone doesn’t justify the $25 pm fee for the blog platform, I don’t know what does.
Do you get it?  Getting articles ranked highly on Google is a fantastic way to generate traffic, leads, and income for whatever it is you are promoting.  Why start from scratch with a newbie site when you can leverage a powerful resource that is already kicking butt.
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